Bush E4X Mobile Phone - £179.95 @ Argos

Bush E4X Mobile Phone - £179.95 @ Argos

£179.95Argos Deals
Found 11th Mar 2017
Great value phone, Does all you need except for NFC. Now with 20% off usual price
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can't find any reviews??

can't find any reviews??

​Because no one has ever been dumb enough to waste their money on one yet.
The Huawei 6x deal looks better
wondering now when Bush gonna start doing game consoles oO
You won't find Bush reviews on the whole as Argos owns the brand. Most things are re-badged handsets by Archos and the like. It's a sneaky tactic in a way as it prevents people looking on Amazon and elsewhere for a cheaper version.
i would never touch a bush phone even if you paid £179 you be lucky to get £40-50 selling it on if you didn't like it lol

that's why its best to buy a brand such as moto or htc and so on

I'm just shocked at what stupid prices bush give when they not even a big brand they just cheap ass phones with a stupid high price
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In fairness this phone has pretty decent specs but I don't think I could own a phone with 'Bush' written on it, and I imagine any software updates are overseen by Argos - I can't imagine they're particularly worried about rolling them out! 64GB of internal storage is great as SD slots are not the solution a lot of people seem to think they are.
u could get an 100 inch bush tv for that money lol
Bag of ****. Cold buy a lenovo p2 for £199 plus £10

wondering now when Bush gonna start doing game consoles oO

Haha game console exclusive to argos
yeah it has pretty decent specs but then you see the CPU, is 430 Snapdragon. pretty low end, they cut corners
I call it fake 730 hours standby what's that in a mode with phone turned off no smart phone will last that long in standby what a liars doubt if the rest of the specs are correct either.
in theory, its not a bad phone, but everything under the 'Bush' name seems to have such poor quality control, it's a roulette whether you'll get a good one or not. not to mention, you can get more for less with the G4, chinese options etc.
Which Chinese smartphones? so many..,,
for £79 yes. not a penny more
I don't think Argos oversee updates it is done via Archos from what I read a while ago
You can get many excellent, big brand mid-range or older flag ship phones for this price or £20-30 more...
With better specs and far better quality!
I would only consider a phone from a brand like this if under £100 and beat the specs of others of a similar price.
If this was a giveaway price might feel differently.
This seems to be a great phone and the earlier version Bush e3x was widely reviewed in September as a good phone. See the thread here HUKD . It's odd as it gets heat then, but yet on offer goes cold. You decide. It's heat for me.
When my Samsung Galaxy S5 died leaving me without internet (I tether) I had to find a quick replacement. This tethers well and is 4g, has a two year guarantee and works surprisingly well overall. The sound quality is awful and its heavy, but at least its strong being metal cased.I am taking a breath and will think before I leap, I bought the Samsung on line and it lasted 7 months. I will try not to make that mistake again.
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