Bush LCD26TV005 26in LCD TV - £299.99
Bush LCD26TV005 26in LCD TV - £299.99

Bush LCD26TV005 26in LCD TV - £299.99

Thought this was a pretty good deal albeit no HD ready. Might be worth a look. Ive reserved one :-)

Television Picture Quality: * 26in (66cm) TV with 66cm visible screen size. * Resolution 1280 x 768 x 3 pixels. * Brightness 500cd/m2. * Contrast ratio 600:1.

Connectivity: * 2 SCART sockets. * Headphone socket. * Rear AV socket. *

Sound Quality: * Nicam stereo sound. * 2 x 5w RMS power output. *

Additional Features: * Teletext. * Auto setup. * Auto search tuner. * Sleep timer. * Child lock. * Remote control requires 2 x AAA batteries (not supplied). * 230v AC mains operation. * Size of TV (H)50, (W)78, (D)21cm. * Weight 14.6kg. *

- Dusty


£299 in case anyone is wondering...

Yeah.. please select "product" when posting a deal for an individual item...

If I remember rightly, it has a very slow refresh rate (more blurry movement). Recommend not buying any lcd with rates slower than 8ms.

Contrast ratio 600:1 = washed out faces. No HDMI.


Voted Hot - good post - Makro were/are doing this with Freeview and 27" I think at 299 + VAT. The refresh rate is not the Holy Grail - the manufactuters move on with Technology - this unit can live on a wall eg bedroom until it expires. Tis a honest TV - different point of view to chasing Rainbows, I hope.:thinking:
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