Bush TR2015WIFI Internet Radio £35.25 inc VAT @ Makro

Bush TR2015WIFI Internet Radio £35.25 inc VAT @ Makro

Found 30th Dec 2007
This is £80 or over in most places including Argos

Lets you listen to pretty much any station that broadcasts over the internet. Like Radio 2 but cant get a good DAB or FM signal? No problem. Like the On Demand service? No problem. Like some obscure deep south US Blues station? No problem. Access to nearly 9000 stations at the moment. Click on the link for a review.

10 presets. I have some of mine set up to my favourite California sports stations, Radio 2 and my local stations here on Merseyside. This will also stream audio from your PC.

A cracking deal at this price.

**Ignore the Argos picture if you go looking. This does not have an antenna and will not pick up FM, AM or DAB signals. But then it doesnt need to.**


looks like a good deal . whats the sound quality like?

I had one of these earlier in the year. Its a Reciva based unit and works very well with radio but the media streaming doesn't work with Vista. I think the unit only had one speaker but sound quality was acceptable and it has a headphone jack so you can hook it up to a hi-fi amp. The display is small so can get confusing when scrolling through stations or tracks. Considering it is a Bush unit is is surprisingly well made.
I'm now using the Pinnacle Soundbridge HomeMusic and much prefer it, but although obviously this doesn't have built in speakers.
Hope this helps

This is fantastic price! I wish there was Makro in my area
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