Bush TS600 Foldable Portable Speakers @ Argos

Bush TS600 Foldable Portable Speakers @ Argos

Found 13th Aug 2010
good speakers at 4.99 their reduced from 19.99 and their bush so they must be decent so get em quick

Links to all audio device with 3.5mm AUX connection.

Output power 2 watt.

Requires batteries 4 x AA (not included).


...and their bush so they must be decent...

lol, not sure about that, but good price and in stock near me, so have some heat

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lol cheers idn why its cold though not a bad deal :P

Not very good speakers at all, not worth over £5. They distort like crazy with anything other than mild volume.

I think this is a case of inflating the price to say they have been reduced so people think they are getting a bargain

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Ok cool good point not used em i thought they'd be cheap and good but u know..

They are cheap, as long as you know the limitations it's not a bad price. Just don't expect to have music blasting out of them.

Bought Bush items from Argos for myself and my mum before now. They break down within 3 months, we take them back and end up paying more for a proper brand that works long-term.

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seems they are **** then lol
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