Bush Twin 7" Screens for Sony PS2 - £49.99 delivered

Bush Twin 7" Screens for Sony PS2 - £49.99 delivered

Found 26th Feb 2007
I posted this before but now the price has been lowered even further ... This Bush Twin 7" Screen system for use with the Sony PS2 in your car is just £49.99 delivered from Ebuyer.

It comes with the car kit, and so can be used for playing DVD's as well as games!

Details: Twin 7" widescreen TFT screens with built in speakers and controls * Headphone sockets to minimise intrusion * Twin games controllers supplied * Comes with own carry bag and is quickly removeable to protect against theft * Supplied with full mounting system, leads and power adapters * Suitable for slim/mini PS2 only * 16:9 Widescreen aspect ratio * Play games in car or watch DVD on your PS2 * Screen volume, contrast and brightness controls * Individual headphone socket per screen * Built-in stereo speakers per screen * Sturdy hold all style carry bag * Screen to headrest mounting system
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Looks like a good deal to me... thanks Cat
Thanks edi
Stupid question: does this also power the PS2 itself?
Off subject slightly but does anyone know how to use the ps2 screens in the car that were £9.99 a while ago from choiceuk?...
If it works outtoo much for adaptors etc I think I will get this instead for the car....Good price
Nice find Thanks Cat!
out of stock

Looks like … Looks like it:http://www.goodmans.co.uk/productdetails.aspx?pid=GCE4000PS2&language=en-GBhttp://www.goodmans.co.uk/content/ug/GCE4000PS2.pdf?language=en-GBThanks for the deal millarcat

Is Bush the same as Goodmans?
Wonder when it's back in stock, or will they take an order and put it on back order?
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