Bushisms.......£1.99 delivered @ play
Bushisms.......£1.99 delivered @ play

Bushisms.......£1.99 delivered @ play

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For anyone who likes a good bushism

Released during the 2004 presidential campaign, this collection of Presidential bloopers and odd remarks offered some comic relief during an otherwise emotional race. The program features Mr. Bush turning funny, off-the-cuff phrases in an effort to get his point across. The results, besides being just plain hilarious, are often the opposite of what the wordsmith intended. Hosted by comedian Brian Unger, BUSHISMS also includes commentaries by comedian Al Franken (LIES AND THE LYING LIARS WHO TELL THEM) and author Jacob Weisberg.


i reckon this'd be a hoot

Original Poster

Yep, he's had some crackers.


The bushism posters are good but his delivery just makes it all the better.

Love the posters! Gonna try this dvd! Voted hot!

ordered - me and my bro in law will crack up watching this. doubt obama is gonna be quite so humorous.

I wonder if Osama was a producer on this DVD?

Where in the world is Osama?

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The one about fool me once.....

has to be one of the best.



The one about fool me once.....has to be one of the best.

Id say the only fool would be you to waste £2 on this old tat

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WooHooo!!! I've been insulted by SHOWMAN36. I feel like I've arrived now.

Booger rep, you know you've made it when you get a showman insult.

Wish I'd posted this ages ago. :-D
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