Business Class Flights to Australia with Malaysian Airlines with Ebookers from £1450.52

Business Class Flights to Australia with Malaysian Airlines with Ebookers from £1450.52

£1,450.52eBookers Deals
Found 13th Jan 2017
There are some amazing business class fares around at the moment through an offer with Ebookers which I've been discussing on Flyertalk forums.

Ebookers offers a 15% discount for booking a hotel and flight package (this works on Economy flights too but the big savings are to be found on Business class in my opinion).

You need to enter your dates of flights, for this example I'm using dates before 1 September as this is when you can also get a voucher code to work!

Enter your dates then select to book a hotel for part of your stay. Now if you are using the code you'll need to book 2 nights which can be anytime during your atay. I'd be picking a Tuesday to Thursday, a midweek stay as this is when it's cheaper. Now you could book a hotel you want to stay in, but I do like to shop around and get better deals and you are only booking a hotel to get the combined discount so just make sure you select the cheapest accommodation option unless you want to book a hotel or hostel you want to actually stay in! Personally I'd shop around as you can generally find 15% off codes for Ebookers or other websites and then you stand a much better chance of getting a better deal.

For this deal I picked a rather rubbish and cheap hostel in Melbourne for 2 nights that I would have no intention to stay in combined with business class Malaysian Airlines flights.

Go all the way to checkout and enter the code AFFBOXP0117 which gives the total price £1450.52. If you are travelling after 1 September then I did try this, but as you can't use the code you just book 1 night stay rather than 2 nihhts, cheapest you can find and it works out at £1488.12.

Obviously you may want to play around with this a bit but there are a range of business class fares that work such as Singapore, Bangkok, Bali . . . .

Also included screen shot of Sydney £1460.76 again with the 2 nights in a hostel.

Don't forgot to sign up for Ebookers rewards as you'll get around £30 credit back to be used for future hotel stays.

On other websites you're looking at a few hundred pounds more for business class flights.

Edit: I believe a similar deal was posted but by booking on Expedia. I personally think Ebookers is better due to the reward scheme they offer as you are getting money back towards another booking in the future. So you could book this then use your £30 in rewards towards a hotel booking.
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Sydney with code and 2 nights hostel:

Melbourne cheaper price is with 2 nights in a hostel with stay before 1 September. More expensive is price after 1 September with 1 night in a hostel and no code needed.
Good price, I paid that with Emirates 4 years ago for standard seats
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