Butlins,  an extra £50 off - Ends 04/04/17

Butlins, an extra £50 off - Ends 04/04/17

Found 31st Mar 2017
Butlin have a sale on ..... here it is and I hope you like it.

I have been on numerous holidays in the UK recently amd sincerely I have seen some breath taking sights and had some great times. I have not been to Butlins to be fair but this might be for you ??
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Went to butlins a number of years ago, all of us left full of bed bug Bites! Nasty! The lad who was driving met a girl and cleared off with her for a few days, so we had to pay getting on for £100 each for the train home from Somerset! I know it was many years ago, but now to scared to go back.
Took daughter quite a lot to Butlins and Haven when she was younger for short Easter breaks or Birthdays, etc outwith main holiday abroad and now do the same with Grandchildren. We hate it but put up with it for a few days because the kids love it. Two or three days a year doing something we don't like is worth it when you see the look of joy on their face for the whole break.
My two boys have enjoyed Skegness Butlins the 2 or 3 times we've been.
I hate their marketing though - we receive a constant barrage of "must end soon!" deals through the post.
We are currently at butluns with our kids ... yes it def has it's tacky sides to it ... but also still fun for kids ... we don't eat at butlins .... we have a excellent curry retiring we go too in Bognor called cardamom bay ... prices are on par with the food prices at butlins but meal is amazing .

we are staying in the wave hotel ... and have a sea view we payed £342.00 for the fi to mon

£800 for 3 nights? Wowzers lol
Ive been in the past approx £280 to 350 for a family of 5 for 4 nights which was alright.
Same holiday at butlins is approx £1500 now! Really £1500 cant believe they can charge these prices .Only Wish my wages would rise this quick,but unfortunately they don't so its a big no from me
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Butlins is to pricey now, they are trying to be an up market holiday venue when they are actually a chav tastic magnet of over priced food and beer.
You can go for a chav tastic all inclusive week in Spain for the price you pay for 3 to 4 nights at Butlins.
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