Butterfly Effect Trilogy Blu-ray - £9.93 @ Asda Entertainment
Butterfly Effect Trilogy Blu-ray - £9.93 @ Asda Entertainment

Butterfly Effect Trilogy Blu-ray - £9.93 @ Asda Entertainment

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The Butterfly Effect: A young man struggling to access sublimated childhood memories finds a technique that allows him to travel back to the past. Occupying his childhood body, he is able to change history. But every change he makes has unexpected consequences...

The Butterfly Effect 2: After his girlfriend is killed in a car accident Nick struggles to cope with the grief. He is tempted to use his ability to go back to the past to save her, but in messing with the past he causes dire consequences for the present.

The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelation: Sam's ability has been both a blessing and curse, he can help the police solve crimes, but can make no move to intervene in what he sees. But when a woman from his childhood comes begging for help in solving her sister's murder, he finds himself drawn to breaking his golden rule.


Only the 1st one is worth watching !.

hot, but i agree with the panda

p.s. mmmm AMY SMART

All good movies but the first is fantastic

Well worth the price

Whats the Transfer like, anyone know?

Loved the first one but are the second two worth watching?

second one is, there is a paticular scene involving erica durance which makes it worth getting.... if you catch my drift haha but dont know about the 3rd

The first one was excellent and the third one was worth watching. The second one though was so bad I could have cried. It sullied the first one in the same was as Highlander 2 did with the original.

Good price

Great price for three blu-rays, even if two of them are pretty rubbish. Cheers OP!

Worth a whirl at less than a tenner, thought the first one was very good haven't seen the rest.

Like Panda says only the first one worth watching.

If general consensus is that 2 are pretty rubbish, then save money and just buy the first one on bluray. Paying a little extra to get 2 more films that are crap doesn't really make it a better deal.
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