Butterkist toffee apple popcorn £0.20 @ Asda

Butterkist toffee apple popcorn £0.20 @ Asda

Found 11th Nov 2013
Butterkist toffee apple popcorn! 20p for 150g bag at Asda Wigan! Not sure it is other stores
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Tried it, was not nice in the slightest.

Still voted hot for the price
I liked it!
Had loads of this over Halloween its yummy
Seems to have bombed in a lot of shops... seen it in the bargain bin at various supermarkets, petrol stations and corner shops lately
Tres bien!!!
I paid 75p for it over weekend in Asda but I didn't like it.
It's nice!
I don't like anything toffee apple, I tried that Brothers Cider Toffee Apple, YAK.

Heat for the price though
I liked it, not the artificial flavour I was expecting. Has been in a few pound shops over the last month or so, hot at this price!
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