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Button Batteries - £1 @ Poundland
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Button Batteries - £1 @ Poundland

Posted 14th Mar 2014Available: National
Nearly paid £3.99 for 1 CR3032 battery in Maplin, then nipped over to Poundland and got this pack for just £1 ( not a surprise as its poundland) which has 4 of them plus others.
Not sure of quality yet but worth a shot
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I've used them in motherboards and seem to be fine. I did buy the maplins previously for £3 each.
Thats good to hear. Mine is for a spare car fob so hardly ever going to get used.
Rubbish, bought some a while ago none of them had any power and its not really the done thing to take them back for a refund!
they dont last long...but then it is cheap price anyway
Mine have been ok for BIOS, key fobs & weighing scales.

Mine have been ok for BIOS, key fobs & weighing scales.

Ditto, we've been using them for all sorts - watches, scales, remotes etc - and as long as I can remember as well.
Can't complain regarding quality or price.
Very short life but cheap snd do work
Agreed, they dont last long but for the quantity and price it still works out better imo and worth a little extra hassle every now and then to change them.
In my car fob they last about a month vs branded ones 2 years. Cheaper to buy branded ones in bulk on Amazon due to the vast difference in life. Plus after a year they are dead out the packet.
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