Button Moon - Adventures On Button Moon £1.97 for 10 episodes !! @ Amazon
Button Moon - Adventures On Button Moon £1.97 for 10 episodes !! @ Amazon

Button Moon - Adventures On Button Moon £1.97 for 10 episodes !! @ Amazon

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oh to be a child again

Follow Mr. Spoon and his family on adventures to Button Moon in their washing-up-bottle spaceship. This collection of the charming 1980s children's programme features 10 animated episodes, including "Planet Doughnut," "Mrs. Spoon's Jumble Sale," "Rag Doll Has a Cold," and more.



Aw, I might order it.

Omg this was like the best programme on tv when I was 5 lol

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Omg this was like the best programme on tv when I was 5 lol

still is the best ever :-D

Quality, just ordered. Cheers OP.

Heat Added

Thanks ordered for my daughter..thanks....xx

Ha think my son has been watching this is nursery as he knows the theme tune!


Worth it for the theme tune alone

"We're off to button moon... la la to visit Mr Spoon!"


still is the best ever :-D

When you watch them back now theyre absolutely terrible!

classic kids program from my childhood.
ordered this for my little niece
heat added.

Don't care if they're terrible, ordered! A slice of my childhood, and I WILL subject my niece and nephew to it!

Also added both series of the Clangers, Ivor the Engine, and Bagpuss, and it totalled less than a tenner!

Got this. The kids love it. HOT deal!

thanks. I loved this when I was young so have ordered it for my 3 year old, though obviously I will have to sit and watch it with her!

Forget the kids I'll get this for myself :thumbsup:

hot hot hot!!!!

god the memories!! heat and rep!

Ordered thank you, 4yr old loves this.

Ordered for my daughter many thanks, she's only 14 months but I'm sure she'll like it. If not I'll give it to my brother as I know he'll love it (he's 30, lol)

Hot, ordered

ive just ordered 2 of these for my great grand daughter and for my daughters school class
will bring back a lot of happy memories of my children when they were young watching this

Just had to have it, the kids have gone, so it's all mine.........

I had the song as my ringtone for ages.

I'm off to button moon ----- --- ---

Thanks for a great post

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who expired it.....

was button moon a section out of another programme or a programme on its own, i thought its was a bit out of whole programme...maybe im going mad

If you're buying it for nostalgia's sake, it doesn't have any of the funny episodes with the two soldiers made of bottles that deal exclusively in innuendo. Only retellings of fairytales with brief appearances by the Spoon family.

just been thinking of the old ones
Rag dolly Anna
The Moomins
Sooty and sweep show, the real ones with matthew

What was that one like a comic book comedy show, it was yellow black and white and used to short silly sketches

Ordered for the nephew, thanks!


Ordered for the nephew, thanks!

Me to!
Better than the crap that they put on tv, these day's. They subject our kids to such crap!

Quality...grew up watching this...summat for the kids..heat added

for less than two squidlees...ordered. Cheers


Merry Christmas future kids!

Ordered, thank you :-D
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