Buy 5 or more cards and get them half price! Funky Pigeon!

Buy 5 or more cards and get them half price! Funky Pigeon!

Found 13th Nov 2012
An automatic deal - no code required: but you still have to know it to do it!

"Christmas season has arrived with the launch of a new offer. Put 5 or more cards in your basket and the price will automatically drop to HALF PRICE! You can choose ANY 5 card designs (NOT JUST CHRISTMAS) in different sizes, plus you’ll also get FREE UK First Class delivery "
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Use code "FUNKYASP" and it takes 50% off ... if you don't want 5 cards
Amazed that still works - thanks for the heads up.
Wow, this is better than there 50% off 5, I just ordered 3 photo cards £1.92 shipped.
If you order 3 cards it automatically discounts the cards and you can also use the code FUNKYASP so your saving twice, just got 3 cards delivered for £2.97 cheaper than one card originally at £2.99 Bargain!
Example 3 x £2.99 = £8.97
discounted to £1.99 automatically when added 3 to basket
£1.99 x 3 = £5.97
then add promo code FUNKYASP half price
£1.99 x 3 - £3.00 = £2.97
Was just going to post as above; noticed when i added three it went down to 99p per card delivered. Way better than Tescos deal IMO as I couldn't get it to load after an hour and the selection is soo much better at Funky Pigeon, plus the card size is much bigger.!
Wouldn't let me use the funkyasp code. tried it with 3 cards then with 10.

"Promotional code cannot be used as the automatic volume discount has been applied"
I.E. I guess they've realised the double up discount --- so guess that side of things is over?

There's another later thread with the same info that probably should know this too.

Thanks - have a good day.
I just tried the code and it worked for me so maybe it's working again?
Hurrah! That's good news - thanks for posting.
I usually use the 50% code when ordering cards and today ordered 5 cards they do not reduce by 50%. Each £2.99 card went down to £2.25. I was unable to use the 50% code as it stated ' automatic volume discount has been applied'. I could have re ordered i.e. 3 cards & 2 cards to try to reduce the price but it seemed a lot of hassle. Just wanted to make people aware.
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