Buy 6 boxes contact lenses, get first 2 for £10, plus get 4 months gym membership at Fitness First

Buy 6 boxes contact lenses, get first 2 for £10, plus get 4 months gym membership at Fitness First

Found 9th Jun 2010
I've just bought 6 boxes of contact lenses at Tesco Opticians, in store, for £78.
Paid £10 contact lense consultation fee.
Paid for 4 boxes at £17.20 each
Got 2 boxes free
Got eye test for free (apparently also till the end of Jun2010)
total £78.80
normal price would be £103.20 at Tesco and about £90 at cheaper online stores.

But, I also get 4 months worth of Gym Membership at Fitness First free and with no need to carry on going when I decide it's far too much like hard work anyway!
Must buy 6 boxes or 3 months supply to qualify on the lenses listed below.

Hope that makes sense, no tie in to tesco or Fitness First, offer running to end of JUN2010.
Leaflets are in Tescos, in case my ramblings didn't make sense.

4 month consecutive gym membership to be claimed by 30 Jun 2010 and used/attended in 2010 only.

Lenses for the gym offer must be either AIR OPTIX FOR ASTIGMATISM, AIR OPTIX AQUA AND MULTIFOCAL. FOCUS DAILIES, FD ALL DAY COMFORT, OR 6 PACKS(90 LENSES) OF ANY DAILIES LENSES (focus, toric, dailies, aqua comfort plus) - read the instore leaflet, it's easier!
or call Tesco opticians on: 0845 601 3479
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interesting deal-cheers
What's the membership is it off-peak only? Seems like a good deal though.
can't see any mention of times of day or peak/non-peak etc
Don't suppose there's a scan of the leaflet available to have a read of? Seems a real good deal.
Rang my nearest Tesco at Burnley and they said they knew nothing about a offer like this ?
Hopefully these are readable.
This is the leaflet from instore.
When I went back in to collect the contact lenses, I asked for the Gym offer and the staff new exactly what the offer was, stamped my gym offer card, and explained what I needed to fill in and post off, etc.
might be worth giving them a call on the number on the leaflet?
Sounds like a good deal - nice one

Hopefully these are readable.This is the leaflet from instore.

Many Thanks - Rep added.

Do they 2 free boxes come as part of the Original Consultation?
basically, you buy 6 boxes and pay for 4 plus £10 consulation.
Person on the main number said this deal is on at all stores til the end of June, but it looks like the OP might've been lucky with what he was offered.

Just rang my local store and the deal they're doing is: Free eyetest (usually £15) and no consultation fee, then £10 for a starter box to see how you get on with contacts (basically 1 months supply) then you need to buy 4 packs at their normal price (4 months supply) to get the free 4 month gym pass.

No mention of 2 free packs on that one but still seems like a good deal and I'll be going for it! (Eyetest is on Thurs @ the Romford Roneo Corner store.
Called the number on leaflet and the guy said the offer has expired. which kind of contradicts the T&Cs.
Just called my local Tesco and checked on this. Offer is still running and i'm booked in for tomorrow.

Its not just limited to Tesco either:

"Pre existing direct debit customers are not required to submit a proof of purchase, however verification from their optician via a practice stamp on the application voucher is required." (…spx)

Fantastic deal as I usually use these lenses anyway.:thumbsup:
I've just received my 4 months free membership letter from Fitness First, there's an online bit to complete and then over to the gym, then the pub!
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