Buy £90 Motorola Baby Monitor and get FREE Dream Machine worth £49.99 at Tesco Direct

Buy £90 Motorola Baby Monitor and get FREE Dream Machine worth £49.99 at Tesco Direct

Found 4th May 2018
Buy one of 4 baby monitors at Tesco direct and receive a free dream machine (worth £49.99). Seems good deal if you’re in market for a monitor anyway. I bought the £90 video monitor and am likely to use the dream machine too.

The 4 monitors to choose from are;
Motorola MBP36S - code 513-0077 at £90
Motorola MBP50 - code 269-0758 at £119
Motorola MBP853 - code 299-3924 at £139
4th one cheaper from 3rd party but that voids offer - Motorola MBP36XL

FREE Motorola MBP85SN Smart Nursery Dream Machine 267-1008
- Light Show Projector with 3 Animated Scenes
- Night/Mood Light with Changing Colours
- Noise Detection with alerts

Part of the Motorola Smart Nursery range, the MBP85SN Smart Nursery Dream Machine Baby Monitor is designed to help soothe your little one off to sleep. When switched on, it projects 3 relaxing animated scenes onto the ceiling and walls whilst playing a gentle lullaby. To further soothe and entertain curious youngsters, the Motorola Dream Machine Baby Monitor also works as a mood light with changeable colours. As your little one gets older, this baby monitor can also be used as a nightlight. If baby still appears unsettled, two-way communication allows you to talk and sing to your little one.

The Motorola Smart Nursery is a range of interactive baby care products which provides additional information and insights on your little one’s routine. Capable of being operated remotely via an app on your compatible smartphone or tablet, the Smart Nursery Dream Machine Baby Monitor also helps you learn and discover more about your baby.

This Smart baby monitor will let you know if your little one is awake or making a noise, letting you remotely soothe them back to sleep using the projector, lights or lullaby functions. The Motorola Hubble App will also inform you of the temperature and humidity in your child’s bedroom.
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Thanks for sharing We've had a couple of the Motorola MBP36S monitors for our kids and they've been great. Battery becomes a little poor but after using them daily for ages i'm not surprised. Thanks!
I have the Dream Machine and it truly is dreadful!!!
good deal thanks
@Bovrilontoast do you use dream machine as monitor or just as night light/soother?
i.want.one35 m ago

@Bovrilontoast do you use dream machine as monitor or just as night …@Bovrilontoast do you use dream machine as monitor or just as night light/soother?

Only as a night light/soother but the software if horrendous. It doesn't recognise that it's even online half the time and I have to restart it. There are only 3 picture scenes available which are rather boring and I can't findmore to buy. I have tried the monitor aspect and I wouldn't rely on it! Have a read of the reviews on Amazon and also on the Play Store (for the app).
It's that bad that after 3 months that I have returned it to Amazon as it really isn't fit for purpose.

The reason I mention it is that I wouldn't want people to buy the monitor purely because they get the Dream Machine with it.
Ordered one as been looking for a baby monitor for ages.

Had a great experience with Motorola previously.
Guess dream machine can be used as night light, considering not good comments about it so far.
Edited by: "Kami275" 4th May 2018
Found the Dream machine very useful considering its FREE.
No issue with the App so far. It updated the firmware at installation. Hope the mentioned software issues are resolved. Let's see.
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