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Buy a Footlong for £3.99 (13th & 14th December) @Subway

£3.99£6.9943% off
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On 13th and 14th December 2022, registered and activated Subway Rewards® members will be able to get a Footlong Sub for £3.99 when they scan their Subway Rewards® QR code in a participating store.

Participation may vary, see here for list of participating stores.


Extras cost more.

Offer not valid on Subway® Series products or SubMelts® products.

Offer is only available if products are purchased with cash/credit/debit cards and not where products have been purchased by redeeming Subway Rewards® points or in combination with other offers.

Valid once per person per Subway Rewards® account.

Offer is only valid for the intended Subway Rewards® account and will not be transferred or redistributed to another account in any circumstance.
Offer 7
(13th and 14th December) - Buy a Footlong for £3.99
On 13th and 14th December 2022, registered and activated Subway Rewards® members will be able to get a Footlong Sub for £3.99 when they scan their Subway Rewards® QR code in a participating store.
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    Nice one thanks op

    Miss the days where you could get a footlong, drink and cookie for a fiver, will cost you like 12 quid now its mad.
    I miss the days of getting a 6 inch sub and drink for £3 but as the veggie delite 6 inch is £3.19 and that's the sandwich I usually get anyway, I just do the survey (receipt required) and get a free drink with my next Subway sandwich purchase. £3.19 for a 6 inch sub and a drink isn't £3 exactly but still better than the rip off £5.50 "meal deal", I save £2.31 by leaving those crisps or a cookie. Best to buy those in a separate transaction if you really do want them though as it will void your survey offer and try putting it through as a meal deal price. (edited)
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    I find Subway a totally a CON, company in September had this voucher for special’s, my local store was on the participating stores, yet when you go in the actual franchisee on till says” we are not accepting as we are not on list! You show than he said we asked to be removed😡, totally unacceptable and when you tell HO, they don’t care either😡, not a single voucher could be used, now I say I will totally boycott the Brand! No love loss as there are way too many food restaurants here in London you can go too!! But Not Subway
    This ^

    The total number of participating stores in the UK is 31.

    It's literally a dying brand from America that could not adapt to the UK's market.
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    I’d recommend double checking they accept the offer before ordering. I went to use the other offer today (store was shown on the list) & they said they now wasn’t & having ‘computer issues’. I give up with these subway offers!
    Because of the franchise and stuff. Will never trust Subway offers, waste of time.
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    Oh, how generous, Subway. Shame you can’t make them this price always. Usually £8 is the norm for a footlong, which is extremely expensive 
    i know it was only a fiver a few years ago. inflation & all that....
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    Remember when you could get a footlong meal deal for a fiver .....
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    This work if you preorder and pay on the app?
    Unfortunately not
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    Went to store on participating list said they weren't doing offer paid £9 for footlong and drink. Reckon they should ban subway deals from here as they don't honour them most of the time. (edited)
    Me and several other commenters agree. Meanwhile this deal is 1300 degrees and hundreds of pounds has been sent their way. So frustrating!
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    Shame i cant reset my password on the app without it crashing.
    49026434-hMjHh.jpg (edited)
    Make a new account, you will also get 250 points for free and if you use a referral another 200 after first purchase. (edited)
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    Thanks. My local store in on the list. Is it any filling that's included?
    Yes but no extras it includes the more expensive subs eg steak and chese, mega meats. (edited)
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    Is there a limit on how many you can purchase or make several trips?
    Valid once per person per Subway Rewards® account
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    The app is garbage
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    Between the garbage app and stores now doing it I'd rather go somewhere else
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    Usually the only way to get these offers to work is to order online for collection but I don't think you can do that with this one. Once I had to wait ages for the manager to start work, then they had to call head office a few times, then update their system, then it finally worked but my sub was cold!
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    Good luck. You've got more chance to win lottery then get an offer accepted here.
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    The price it should be lol. Have you seen how expensive Subway is now?
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    Haha went today and got charged normal prices. Nice
    You have to say to them and they reduce the price. Did it today - initially went through full price but they then applied the promotion when I said.
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    What is the point of calling this a deal when even the busiest of locations only have 4 stores in the area?

    Who goes to the "big" subway (or any fast food restaurant for that matter) to cash in their voucher?

    It costs more to go get the offer where it's available than to buy a footlong without fuss!
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    Don’t know what they did, but guess they did something wrong 😁
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    The deal itself has absolutely zero to do with scanning the app, it's a manual override at the tills. This is why some people are having success and others aren't. It's down to the staff.

    You might need the app to be able to show them the offer page, and they might want to scan your QR code, but from a system level these things aren't connected. (edited)
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    Good luck getting a store to actually let you redeem this deal. It has been around 4 years since I last found a Subway work a working scanner at the til. They all claim the scanner or computer is broken. This seems to be their way of not letting you earn points or redeem anything.
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    Quite a saving. Subway for 4 of us is more expensive than a maccys
    Slightly better for you though if you get loads of veggies that’s what I tell myself anyway…
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    Thanks OP, will head to my local tomrorow 
    Check the participating stores, to save a journey to the store. (edited)
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    These offers never work for me, always get charged the original amount when scanning... any tips?
    Check the store is participating, if you are sure it is then order without asking if they accept the promotion. They will be more willing to help once they have made the food. If their scanner isn't working walk away. It's their job to let you know it isn't working not your job to feel guilt tripped into paying.
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    I just signed up and cannot see any offer for day 7
    Check "Offers"

    If it isn't showing close the app and reopen it a few times, it should eventually show. I've had that issue with these offers
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    Love the tuna sub with all the salad but have not indulged since the pandemic, the price increases may be justified but can't justify that kinda dosh when I can make my own and eat away from home for a fraction of the cost. One of the local shops has closed and its replacement coffee shop also went bust so now empty. (edited)
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    I know what I'm getting for lunch tomorrow then! (Will only be working one day this week with how my rota has changed for Christmas (I'm an NHS worker)) So, I don't see the point in buying lunch stuff until Saturday as my 3 day on off rota starts Sunday... don't miss those!
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    Turned up at the one store that doesn't feel like it wants to participate. Good deal though OP
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    What’s the success rate with this?

    I showed the deal on the app to the person making my sandwich - yes, all ok.

    Got to the til - scanned my QR code and nothing happened? Woman at the til said the app is made by a third party company and nothing to do with the store..? Right. I showed her the list of participating stores and she agreed to manually amend my order to £3.99

    My friend went to another store, got to the til and again QR code didn’t do anything. However this store wouldn’t do anything and said he’d have to pay full price so he walked out and left the sandwich there.

    I feel like this deal hasn’t been well communicated with the stores / staff? (edited)
    I think that might be the case.
    I went to the till tried to use it, worker said it wasn’t showing up for them. I made it clear I wasn’t going to pay full price. Then the manager came out and worked their magic.

    I don’t think our local subway likes use anyway. Literally our whole 6th form used yesterday free 6 inch sub and today with the 3.99 foot long. (edited)
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    When it says once, does that mean you can't do both days, could you register and activate an account today for tomorrow?
    Yes, you can.
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    Is the app down for anyone else? App and website aren't loading for me
    It works for me
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    Good deal. I need a foot long, only got a chipolata
    thats what she said
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    Finally the local branch at Bolton actually accepted the offer while in the past they've made up lies about their system not accepting the offers on the app. Previously, they made a sub for me but refused to honour the discounts on the app, after which I walked out.
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    Can confirm got this fine at 12 Oxford Road Manchester and they didn't even charge me for the bag, heat. Check the participating stores list. Can anyone confirm is this multi-use for tomorrow?
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    Just noticed my 850 points expired in June cry, cry, cry, cry
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    My local branch never do these deals .... Dodgy lot...
  36. Avatar
    Where is the store list? Can't find the hyperlink
  37. Avatar
    Just claimed mine in Nottingham. Straight forward just asked before i ordered
    Which branch in Nottingham please ?

    I rang lady bay and Netherfield and they both aren’t participating in the offer
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    I do love a cheeky subway !!49036404-uX2mz.jpg
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    Wish I wasn't flooded with snow atm
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