Buy a MSI X600 for £799.99 and Get U100 worth £249 FREE!!! at Micro Anvika

Buy a MSI X600 for £799.99 and Get U100 worth £249 FREE!!! at Micro Anvika

Found 30th Oct 2009
---in-store only---

The ultra slim MSI X-Slim X600 weighs just 2.1kg with the batteries fitted, making it the lightest and thinnest 15.6" notebook in the world.

Using Intel's latest CULV platform to deliver perfect processing performance at just one-sixth of a conventional notebook's power consumption, the X600 will last for hours to ensure uninterrupted mobile computing.

The X-Series screen uses LED backlights that deliver stunning visuals in bright and clear HD quality and measuring only 6mm at it thinnest part, it really is a notebook that cannot be missed.

To see more information on the X600, please click here.

The MSI Wind U100 is a stunning mini-laptop that weighs a mere 1.3kg, so is ideal for carrying around no matter when or where you are.

Youll find Windows XP already loaded and ready for use, with acres of hard drive space, you dont need to worry about running out of storage space.

Powered by the latest low power consumption processors, the battery life and performance of the MSI Wind U100 is designed for a busy life on the move. What's more, you can upgrade to Windows 7 FOC.

Micro Anvika shall only offer the MSI Wind U100 "Netbook" as a free gift as part of the same transaction where the customer directly purchases the MSI X600-3500 "Notebook", and the following terms and conditions shall apply to the transaction.

1. You must be 18 or over to be eligible for this Promotion.
2. Purchase of the Notebook must be made in a Micro Anvika Store,including our Concessions.
3. In-store offer only; not available on the internet.
4. The offer is subject to availability of both the Notebook and Netbook.
5. The offer is available only while stocks last.
6. The offer is not redeemable for cash.
7. Micro Anvika may withdraw this promotion at any time.
8. Micro Anvika reserves the right to limit stock.
9. The offer is only available with the following specified models MSI X600-3500 and U100** 10. The offer is not valid with any other offers.
11. The promotion is subject to change from time to time.
12. The closing date for this offer is 30th November 2009, or while stocks last, or as Micro Anvika see fit from time to time.
13. Any Notebook returns must also include the accompanying Netbook
14. Notwithstanding these terms and conditions, Micro Anvika's Standard Terms of Business applies.

** Model subject to availability and change from time to time



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'The closing date for this offer is 30th November 2009'

The laptop specs here…010

Uses a Core 2 Solo, which is a no no in my book and I wouldn't say 2.1kg as *light*. 2 years ago maybe, but not now.

The cpu is sooo sloww.

for £800 you could buy a better laptop and a better notebook.


for £800 you could buy a better laptop and a better notebook.

Yep. I would buy sony or apple mac
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