Buy any 3 £1 Kingsmill products in asda and receive a free sandwich tray -2 limited edition designs

Buy any 3 £1 Kingsmill products in asda and receive a free sandwich tray -2 limited edition designs

Found 16th May 2012
announced via facebook "We’ve teamed up with Asda, fellow sponsors of The Big Lunch, to serve up a great offer. Buy any 3 £1 Kingsmill products in their stores and you’ll receive a free sandwich tray. There are 2 limited edition designs to collect – both perfect for helping you celebrate in style"
Havent seen them yet (except the photo, which looks nice) A good freebie if you will be buying bread anyway !
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Hi kllewis, many thanks for posting. I have moved your thread to the Deals section of the forum, as you are required to purchase 3 x £1 kingsmill products in order to obtain the free sandwich tray
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You get to choose which of the two designs above you want,the one on the left is the one pictured on facebook,
i did ask if they were in store got my answer by checking my local and got mine today thx for the post

be sure to check the tray b4 you buy it as some of the stickers on the tray are crooked !!!

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JumpingphilThe one on the left and the one on facebook are slightly … JumpingphilThe one on the left and the one on facebook are slightly different.
facebook image
image of two together
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different how ?
Woah Ive been looking for a sandwich tray my sandwiches have been going EVERYWHERE lately heh
heat added
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Jumpingphil I salute you sir, you are as exacting as your avatar, can i borrow you for spot the difference ?
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bye the way last ever episode of house 10pm 31st may sky 1, think i'm gonna need a bowl of popcorn to go with my tray of sandwiches that night
Anyone up for posting a link for charity here,Admin is donating 10p per comment/link,details here.…e=2
You can also purchase the trays at Asda for £2

Ooh, I'd forgotten about that.Just downloaded episode 21 to watch later … Ooh, I'd forgotten about that.Just downloaded episode 21 to watch later this evening.Thanks.

Noooo didn't know it was ending. Thanks for the heads up! I am on episode 16 so a few to go!
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Anybody got an answer for me and Reeferman, the T&C's say "100 winners will each receive a Kingsmill Jubilee tea tray." so is it yet another farce promotion that involves Farcebook or do you actually get the tray for buying 3 £1 Kingsmill products, or as pipsqueak has said they are instore for £2, to which you may aswell buy the 2 trays for £4 and save £2.
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oberlisc sandwich tray available for free when buying 3 £1 kingsmill products.
Competition is seperate entity.
Also sandwich tray can be bought on its own if you dont want bread, (just as the kellogs cereal bowls were available with or without buying the product- I have a cupboard full of those), but it makes more sense to get the tray free if you would be buying bread anyway.
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oberlisc and reeferman
From today you’ll find a whole range of Kingsmill products for just £1 in selected Asda stores – including Seeded and Thick Soft White loaves, Deli soft rolls and crumpets.And to mark the occasion Kingsmill have even renamed their most popular loaves “Queensmill”. Look out for Queensmill soft white, 50/50 and wholemeal loaves in store from 20th May.
For every three Kingsmill (or Queensmill!) products you buy in store, you’ll get a free Jubilee sandwich tray exclusive to Asda. And if one is just not enough you can pick up as many as you like for just £2 each whilst stocks last.

We’ve also got 100 sandwich trays to give away. To be in with a chance of winning just complete the form below and tell us what your favourite sandwich filling is. Entries must be with us by noon on Monday 21st May.
tea tray competition
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Thanks for clearing that up, now we know.
Loaf of hope and glory . That doesnt really work at all . Loaf sounds nothing like land. WTF . So many bread puns and they choose one that doesnt fit. For the love of god , what an opportunity wasted.
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zackkilmer i am useless at making puns but i like this idea , any one want to give it a try?

Puntastic bread comments guantlet is thrown down to anyone who feels brave enough
For the loaf of god , what an opportunity wasted.
nice find will lokk out for these thanks
can anyone give me the measurements for the trays?
Crumbs! Let's raise a toast to this deal!
When and bought 3 loaves today plus the tray. The tray itself scanned at £1 but the total was still reduced by £2! So 3 loaves and the tray for £2!! Bargain!! (_;)

Edit: If anyone wants to post this as a glitch, please do so!! lol
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I bought the breads, was charged £1 for the tray
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