Buy any 3 Interactive DVD's from our selected lines for only £10 @ UWish

Buy any 3 Interactive DVD's from our selected lines for only £10 @ UWish

Found 21st Sep 2007
Just launched 3 interactive DVD's for a tenner
Only a few titles listed but might be hady over the christmasperiod to entertain the family.

Simply add your desired products to the basket, and when you reach the checkout, all discounts and deductions will be made for you.

Don't forget that Quidco offer 6% cashback
- macdoona


[SIZE="4"]Play games with the family over Christmas!?!?![/SIZE]

What's wrong with good, old traditional "Russian Roulette"??!?

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C32 you mean you don't enjoy spending quality time with the family doing fun things over the festive period.......bah humbug to you!!!!!!!!!!

Hate this sort of game.. Always takes ages to load each bit of the game! am sure some people enjoy them

Good deal.
But the DVD's are pants.
Last new year, a friend invited lots of people round and suggested we play two of these. They are about as far from entertainment as you can get.

Buy some to give to friends you don't actually like, so you can inflict pain and suffering on them.

Poundland have quite a few titles, buy one from their and feel the pain before you spend a tenner!

Not the widest choice, but if you can find 3 you want it's a bargain and a half!
I'll give it a miss but there'll be a few on ebay very soon I reckon!!!

There's massive differences in quality between interactive DVD games - some are good fun, but some are poorly authored and dull to play. The speed at which the screens 'load' is determined by the quality of your DVD player, most of the time.

Cheers, Ive ordered 3 of "Beat the intro". This and Telly addicts (not in list) is probably the only decent ones have played.
Great for xmas pressies (meaning the receiver will think youve spent the exceptable tenner on them, when actually youve only spent £3.13)
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