Buy McVities Deli-Choc biscuits: get £1.79 Quidco ClickSnap cashback - eg potentially 2 packs & 11p in pocket @ Ocado

Buy McVities Deli-Choc biscuits: get £1.79 Quidco ClickSnap cashback - eg potentially 2 packs & 11p in pocket @ Ocado

Found 6th Apr 2015
10/4 update - a '£1.79' offer on these biscuits is appearing on more a/c's today (all of them?) valid 10/4 to Mon 13/4. Plus a 'Free' offer also on CheckoutSmart - see later posting link below.

6/4 original : New offer that appeared on SOME (ie 1 of 3 a/c's) of our family Quidco ClickSnap (QCS) Offers List today both for in-store and online shopping:

"McVitie's DeliChoc biscuits with Belgian chocolate 150g - all varieties

"Buy 1 get £1.79 cashback

"Only available at: Tesco Sainsbury's Asda Morrisons Ocado Waitrose

"Valid Mon 06 Apr – Sun 12 Apr, 2015 "

The biscuit packs are currently:

Buy one add another free (ie BOGOF to 14/4) £1.69 online @ Ocado

otherwise one pack £1.69 @ Waitrose and per mySupermarket £1.69 @ Tesco; £1.79 @ ASDA.

So if shopping online at Ocado potentially get 2 packs paying £1.69
and receive £1.79 cashback from QCS
and don't forget to enter the QCS £250 prize-draw for 1p extra £back
= Two packs of biscuits and 11p better off.

Instore - spend £1.69 (eg at Waitrose) get £1.79 back + 1p
= One pack of biscuits and 11p in pocket.

Anyone who's a member of Quidco can use their ClickSnap to upload an in-store receipt on an ad-hoc basis, or you can register your online supermarket a/c details to shop online via them - eg to use the Ocado BOGOF offer.

Not all our family Quidco a/c's showed the offer today so they are selecting who to offer this deal to on some basis.

NB: This is not a 'freebie' as you have to spend money and hope to receive your cashback.
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As mentioned above it appears on one family member's QCS, but other two family members don't have it (they aren't paying for Premium membership so could be that). So definitely hit and miss if you get this offer.

Anyone unfamiliar with Quidco ClickSnap and other four sites/apps for getting cashback for sharing your in-store receipts see my summary at:…228
(I focus there ONLY on in-store receipts, not online shopping at all - eg the Ocado BOGOF offer above requires you to shop online of course.)

On the topic of in-store shopping cashback offers & freebies...

There are also loads of weekly cashback offers from Shopitize App where HUKDer KiKai does a summary of where best to exploit the offers - most recent list, the offers on which mostly run until tomorrow 7/4:…370

And a Shopitize voucher offer with potential free Lindt bunny (claim voucher by today, use by tomorrow, but shop stocks v.low it seems)…416
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Not on mine, unfortunately, but a super deal!
Apparently from Fri 10/4 the associated CheckoutSmart App is also going to be offering these 'Free' (ie giving you back what you paid rather than a fixed amount) - for new & existing members per goonertillidie [mod]…124

Have to say if I'd paid for them I'd not be very impressed with them - I found the biscuit under the choc a bit too hard/thick and not the same choc' edge margin to nibble around as you get on Bahlsen, but guess that's the purpose of these free offers, ie to encourage people to experiment without risk - so make your own assessment.

Don't want to appear ungrateful : they were definitely worth the 1p/biscuit I got paid to eat them

Get a dozen biscuits, I think an attempt to copy (say) Bahlsen Choco Leibniz. Suspect that Aldi/Lidl's versions are going to be far better value though Waitrose have some Bahlsen Leibniz on BOGOF currently at £1.79 if you are into this sort of biscuit - and want to pay for them X)
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Ooh lovely! Nice to have a freebie:) thanks so much for the update MKD.
Quidco ClickSnap users - if you looked earlier in week and didn't find this offer look again today

eg Only 1 in 3 of our accounts had the £1.79 back from Mon 6/4 to Sun 12/4 offer

Yesterday that offer (already used) had stretched to Mon 13/4 anyway

today another of the 3 accounts has a £1.79 back from Fri 10/4 - Mon 13/4 offer!

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