Buy Now Pay April 2009 at Littlewoods Group
Buy Now Pay April 2009 at Littlewoods Group

Buy Now Pay April 2009 at Littlewoods Group

Had a call today from the call centre they are offering buy now pay April 09 on spends of £150.00
good if combined with the other 20% or 10% and you need to buy something bigish!
+ 6% quidco too


I bet they didnt tell you that this code is only valid when you are placing an order over 100 weeks or more on credit charging terms of nearly 30%. They ripped me off with this a week or so ago. Not happy

Yes, they now charge interest at 29.9% (there or there about) on all BNPL items. I was shocked to hear this.

littlewoods are CR*P!!! its not the posters fault but i made a purchase from them for a stepper. It approved the sale online and i got an email bla bla, i then had a letter saying they had signed me up for an account bla bla then i suddenly got told the item was out of stock and it would be shipped upon new stock. I then went online and saw that it wasn't on the site anymore - called them and only THEN did they say it was discontinued !! grrrrh. :x

I made the remove my search on experian but that took effort !! Their customer services people are R seee !!!!! XXX

They offered me an alternative of interest free over 12 months on orders over £50 (I think it was £50 anyway). They didn't say what happens if you still owe money after 12 months - my guess is they hit you with the 29.9%. If you're wanting to buy from Littlewoods then this may be a better deal than the original post.

Oh, and Great Universal are the same company now.

LITTLEWOODS SUCKS. They are parasites looking for easy prey.

What code? Where is the deal?
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