Buy one get one free for selected condoms and lubes.
Buy one get one free for selected condoms and lubes.

Buy one get one free for selected condoms and lubes.

Buy forBuy forBuy for£7.99
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the selection covers boots selfbranded, durex series, and mates series.

both online and in store


Can you recommend these then?

Original Poster

of course. otherwise, why would i post it here?
it's my first post!

I liked to go to Edinburugh or Belfast but I don't have passport. Do I need one or not???:thinking:

I would say...

just watch out what ones you go pick,
I picked up to different packs, and got charged the full amount.

she then said, do you want me to get someone over and check the prices.
and there was a big cue already.

thing is... with buying condoms everyone knows what i will be getting up too.
so next time... I'm buying mine online (or at least, getting them alot cheaper this time!!!)

Condoms = Expensive in Boots!

are these a snug fit?

Why dont you go to the family planning thing?, or your doctors?.
I know they are free at family planning.:thumbsup:
Cos my son told me, he came back with a box of 200.:whistling:

Nothing worse than expired condoms! Shocking...

still on at Boots in store for the ones desesperated

whats a condom???(only joking) they are expensive from boots etc, get mine form family planning you cant go wrong at free.

condoms feels wierd


condoms feels wierd

Sexually transmitted diseases feel a hell of a lot weirder.


condoms feels wierd

Fancy any of the below or some Crabs? Feeling itchy? It's a jungle out there (meat market) :whistling:

[LEFT]Sexually Transmitted Diseases :oops:[/LEFT]

There are more than 20 known sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Some of them will cause symptoms that should be brought to the attention of a doctor immediately. However, some of these STDs can be "silent" — a person could have the disease but might not notice any symptoms of the infection. Therefore, it is important to be tested for STDs if you take part in unprotected oral, genital, or a n a l sex.

The most common STDs are listed below:
[*]]Gonorrhoea. This ../../glossary/bacterium.html')"]bacterial infection at first may cause a slight discharge from the vagina, p e n i s, or anus. However, 50% of women and 10% of men with gonorrhoea have no symptoms at all. If the infection is not treated, it can lead to sterility and other complications. Gonorrhoea can be treated with antibiotics.
[*]]Chlamydia. Chlamydia trachomatis is often called "the silent epidemic" because infections are common yet many people do not realize that they are infected. Only one in four of infected people have symptoms of a slight discharge and stinging on passing urine. It is the commonest STD in the UK. This bacterial disease is easily cured with antibiotics but can have serious health consequences if left untreated.
[*]]Syphilis. Syphilis is a bacterial infection that can be easily missed. The first symptom is a painless blister or sore that will disappear on its own, but the infection can be passed on to others for up to eighteen months. Syphilis can be treated with antibiotics. However, if left untreated, the disease can spread throughout your body over the course of many years and cause considerable ../../../glossary/organ.html')"]organ damage.
[*]]Trichomonas. Trichomonas v a g i n a lis is a microscopic parasite that may or may not cause symptoms of watery discharge and stinging on passing water. Treatment is available.
[*]]Human papillomavirus (HPV). This ../../glossary/virus.html')"]virus can infect the genital area, causing genital warts (condylomata). Some types of the virus have been associated with ]cervical cancer. Early detection with cervical smear testing can limit the risk of cancer.
[*]]Genital herpes. This virus causes recurrent, periodic outbreaks of sores in the genital region and remains in your body for life. However, there are anti-viral therapies available that can shorten the duration of symptoms.
[*]]Hepatitis B and ]Hepatitis C. These are viral infections that can be transmitted through sexual contact. Hepatitis B and C affect the liver and can severely damage it. Treatment with interferon is available, but this drug therapy may have serious side effects.
[*]]Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV is associated with AIDS. This virus attacks and destroys certain white blood cells (T-helper lymphocytes) that are involved in the immune system. As the number of these cells is reduced, the ability of your body to fight off infections also decreases. This eventually results in death. Although there is no cure, early detection allows for treatment with anti-viral therapies that can help to prolong life.
[*]Thrush. This STD is caused by a yeast, Candida albicans, that lives harmlessly on your skin, in your mouth and in your gut. Genital infection can cause itching and burning, a thick white cheesy discharge from the vagina or under the foreskin, pain during sex and discomfort on passing water. The infection can be treated with a cream or pessary and a single dose tablet that can be bought from the chemists.[/LIST]
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