Buy one get one free - McVities HobNobs 200/300g - 42p each at Waitrose
Buy one get one free - McVities HobNobs 200/300g - 42p each at Waitrose

Buy one get one free - McVities HobNobs 200/300g - 42p each at Waitrose

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I was at a convenience store and the only 200/300g packs they had were regular ones but I assume larger stores will include the chocolate coated ones too, assuming they have them in 200/300g packs.

Unsure if offer is on site - I have no account to view it with.


At £85 that will be 42p a bite

£85 ?????

**** bargin if u ask me!!! :P

I know Waitrose is expensive but £85 a pack is too much.
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At £85 that will be 42p a bite

its 41p actually.. get it right!

there nice with a cuppa but not £85 nice

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Mistakes were made. I regret nothing.

£85 is a small price to pay in order to source one's biscuits in a civilized shopping environment away from common people.

I'm not convinced that Morrisons customers wash.

Was in waitrose last night and the Choc ones are £1.48 bogof

Ok if you have an expensive sweet tooth then then this is also nice but way more expensive...

£1.4m for the dessert

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Or how about this

Macaroons – a layer of butter cream sandwiched between two meringue puffs – are as popular in France as chocolate chip cookies are in the US. Pastry chef Pierre Hermé has created a new type of macaroons that may not be as popular as the ordinary ones, mainly because of the expensive new price tag. Starting from $7,414, these tasty macaroons feature a variety of ingredients sandwiched between puffs made from chef Hermé’s special ingredients like “fleur de sel” and balsamic vinegar. The fillings range from peanut butter to chocolate with red wine, and the best part is that you can decide what to put in your macaroon. Of course, there are caveats as not all flavors go together.


Not often you see Waitrose mentioned on here...

go to asda.....TODAY

1 pack of Hobnobs = £1.00

2 packs of Hobnobs = £1.00
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