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Buy One Get One Free on Doner Kebabs & Other Mains via GDK App on Tuesdays

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About this deal

Buy any Main or Doner Box and get a second Main or Doner Box FREE!

Terms & conditions:

Offer applies to all Main Courses and Doner Boxes on our menu. Offer is only valid through the GDK App.
Cheapest item is free. Offer can be used in conjunction with our Make it a Meal but cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer.
Valid at all UK restaurants. Management reserve the right to refuse entry or withdraw offer. Offer has no cash value and cannot be refunded or exchanged.


OG Kebab


The ultimate kebab. Your choice of doner meat. Fresh lettuce and juicy tomatoes. Onion and red cabbage. Served in our handmade toasted sesame waffle bread with our three signature sauces.

Kcal Kebab


It's all still here, but this time it's lighter. Your choice of doner meats. Fresh lettuce and juicy tomatoes. Onion and red cabbage, wrapped in our toasted multigrain and sesame bread. The finishing touch? Our spicy signature sauce. Lower in calories, but not flavour.

Doner Wrap


Get wrapped. Fresh lettuce, juicy tomato, onion and red cabbage served with your choice of doner meats. Sealed in a flatbread wrap with our three signature sauces.

Veggie Kebab


Crunchy. Coated. Mixed. A crispy breaded vegetable medley served in our handmade toasted sesame bread. Prepared with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, red cabbage and two signature sauces.

Doner Krunch Burger


Take on the Krunch with Cool Original Doritos® chips smothered in cheese sauce. Served in a brioche bun with your choice of doner meats and our original burger sauce.


Doner Box With Fries & Salad


Succulent meat and chips done right. Your choice of doner meats, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and red cabbage - with a set of three signature sauce dips.

Doner Box With Fries


You can't go wrong. Served with your choice of meats, fries and a set of three signature sauce dips.

Doner Box with Fries and Cheese


Smother your classic kebab and chips in a creamy cheese sauce topped with delicious jalapenos.

Doner Gym Box


Lift your tastebuds. Your choice of doner meats, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and red cabbage. Served with a set of 3 signature sauce dips. Contains up to 40g of protein.
German Doner Kebab More details at
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  1. kuldipa1e2f11's avatar
    So tight on the meat not worth it stick to normal kebab shop . stupid waffle breadvcrap
    bubblegum99's avatar
    Agree! Very stingy with meat. I wouldn’t even call it a kebab.
  2. UZZI54's avatar
  3. hilalo's avatar
    Their app is worse than useless. I used it once to order for collection, it took the payment and acknoledged the order and all seemed good. But when I went to the shop they did not recognise the order and the shop manager was not helpful at all. I tried to get in touch with their technical teams but no helpful response either. At the end I claimed chargeback via my bank (which I wish I did from the start).
    The same happened to my friend when ordering through their app so doesn't seem to be an isolated instance either. (edited)
  4. RashadSharif's avatar
    With 1 piece of donner and quadruple the salad no thank you
    rapid85's avatar
    Tip - always ask for the salad separate.
  5. DealsIUsed's avatar
    Went there for the first time the other day and effectively got charged £17 for a kebab (I'll admit I asked for extra beef...), chips, can of drink and a garlic bread... can say I won't be going back again... overpriced crap! (edited)
    mkkr's avatar
    What the heck why did you pay £17 for that lol

    Also the chips are very measley. Very measley portion. Like 15 chips in a small paper bag

    And the cheese ball things you get like 3
  6. Alexxandra's avatar
    I like this deal, order really often I think that depends on your area, because in mine they give us a lot of meat, salads and even extra sauces if we ask them
    Taka_nai's avatar
    Yeah, I’ve never had issues with the Newcastle branch.
  7. cov007's avatar
    khan-87's avatar
    What's wrong with halal 🤦🏾
  8. karol007's avatar
    Even 5 free ones for one i pay, don’t want that cr…
  9. Jello3005's avatar
    Is there meat wheat free?
    kit-cat's avatar
    Yeah it's called the Doner Kebab Empty German Box.
  10. jamie.henworth's avatar
    I've had some grotty kebabs in seedy places and none as bad as what these guys serve up
  11. anthony69's avatar
    Ordered two of these the other day (free via JustEat promo) and was amazed how bland and uninspiring the meat tasted. The meat from my local kebab shop man is much more tasty and he gives me plenty too.

    My first, and last order with them!. (edited)
    mkkr's avatar
    Why did you order from justeat lmao justeat are scammers
  12. mkkr's avatar
    I think people are exaggerating. Atleast from my experience gdk has been excellent..tastes much better than from a kebab shop
  13. ersen1's avatar
    i do this, but i buy one get one free for myself and it just makes 1 normal meal youd get from a kebab shop lol
  14. HUKD123's avatar
    The sauces on the side is misleading. They don’t give the sauce on the sides - at least the ones I’ve been to don’t. They charge for it 
    APopat's avatar
    So true, they say extra charge
  15. David18's avatar
    I refuse to ever order from my local branch with how rude they are to delivery drivers, not excuse for it.
  16. UZZI54's avatar
    The only shop where Deliveroo don't refund you if you get the bad service, raw chicken or any genuine excuse!
  17. Titanium's avatar
    It's been on for a few weeks now ...
  18. cordoba's avatar
    not even proper meat its just flakes and gristle cant even bite into it and meat tastes like soap! seen the massive blocks the meat is on, these people are so tight. hard pass on this BS even with 1 free.
  19. mark6220's avatar
    It's MRM no matter how well it's disguised (edited)
  20. Seh6345's avatar
    It's absolute crap this place
  21. HUKD69's avatar
    Their most expensive (way too highly-priced) kebab is ok but everything else is very average.
  22. kieran.gallagher's avatar
    Nah. Go to a proper shawarma place with both staff and customers of the food's ethnicity!
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