Buy one get one free tickets to see "Hot Ice" at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Buy one get one free tickets to see "Hot Ice" at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Found 21st May 2008
**PLEASE NOTE: The email I received about this said "Offer valid for FY & PR". FY & PR are the post code prefixes around here, so it's *possibly* local people with those post codes only, however I went upto checkout and it accepted the discount without even entering an address at all.**

Blackpool Pleasure Beach are offering buy one get one free tickets to see their spectacular ice show, "Hot Ice". The show includes skaters from not only the British version of "Dancing on Ice" but also many international versions. I haven't seen it in quite a few years, although it is a really amazing one to see.

The offer is only available on evening performances until 20th June, you must order online in advance and you MUST enter the code "8073" to receive the discount. It's a maximum of 4 tickets per person and the offer is only valid for adult tickets.

Tickets are between £15 and £25 per person, depending on the seats (check the seating plan - the cheaper seats are stilllocated well, it's just a side view).

If you plan on getting a wristband then it's worth noting that these will allow you to see the Matine?erformance of the show for free anyway, and upgrades to an evening performance at the cost of £5 per ticket.
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Don't ask.. i've just got the model of it

[IMG][/IMG]Don't ask.. i've … [IMG][/IMG]Don't ask.. i've just got the model of it

It's one of the few that I don't have. :thumbsup:

Don't ask.

EDIT: Is that your pic? If so, it's a very poor backdrop for a blackpool tram!
I stopped after a while.. i've got about err.. 30 of the corgi ones.. I was so chuufed when i got the poppy one for £20 brand new :-D

Than ain't mine..
Wow, that poppy one is usually very expensive. I've not got 30...

My dad has a collection of model buses (bought on my eBay account) which easily exceeds 1,000 models (probably a lot more - they're a mixture of corgie, EFE and matchbox). :giggle:
The poppy one is still in its box lol...

Lets stop the model convo there
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