Buy One Get TWO free! (Various Offers @ Morrisons)

Buy One Get TWO free! (Various Offers @ Morrisons)

Found 15th Nov 2009
Hello all,

As a Morrisons Employee, i would like to share this information about deals in the coming week (1 week only Monday-Sunday)

Deals Include:

Edited Monday also to reflect deals I forgot to mention:
N.B. If not stated, each offer is Store Wide (Nationwide)

BOG2F @ £1.59 each - Pepsi , incl diet and max varieties

BOG2F @ £x.xx each - Pringles tubes 3 flavours so far confirmed (Green, red and blue tubes) - You can get 3 tubes for just £0.37 per tube (selected tubes older style tubes - 155g)

Buy One Get One/Two free @ £x.xx - Cadburys chocolate fingers (Store dependant)

BOGOF Or Half Price @ £1.49- After eight mints boxes - These should generally be displayed near the front of most stores (Store dependant)

BOG2F or BOGOF - offer extended on the goodfellas pizzas (Store dependant)

Sweetie Tins [[Offer was totally changed as of Tuesday]] £5 each... still down from £7.99 RRP

BOG2F @ £1.65 each - RAGU sauces (jars) Red and white sauce varieties

BOG2F or BOGOF @ £various on 500g Pasta bags. (Including Napolina Pasta Shapes @ £1.03 each)

Magnums 3 pack only 90p each

Buy 3 Get 3 FREE @ 82p each - on Heinz Soup tins. All varieties

Kelloggs Crunchy Nut - Better than half price at only £1

BOG2F @ £1.29 - Birds eye trifle... includes chocolate and raspberry varieties

Wine offers: Various wines Better Than Half Price.

Still on offer: ENERGY saving bulbs Philips: 5 for 20p (Converts 11 watts into 40-50odd watts light)

Last of the stock in some stores also due to overfilling at northern stores Carrots 1.5.Kg better than half price at only 60p.

£25 Shopping vouchers!
Info: To claim your £25 Christmas voucher, follow these easy steps:

1. Spend £40 or more in one transaction each week, for 5 out of 6 weeks, between 9th November - 20th December.
2. Keep your receipts. Only fully itemised receipts will be accepted (no credit or debit card receipts).
3. Each receipt must be collected from a different week and multiple receipts from the same week will not be accepted.
4. Store your receipts safely within the Collector Card (available at your local Morrisons, between 6th November - 22nd November).
5. Once you have collected 5 receipts, take the Collector Card to your local Morrisons between 17th and 31st December to claim your £25 Christmas voucher.
6. You can use your Christmas Voucher between 17th - 31st December when you spend £40 or more.

Generally speaking most offers are normally limited to 3 or 6 per customer (including the free 2 products per one purchased)
Best way to get more than that, is to get your kids, or family members to all each buy 3 each...
But i didnt tell you that
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Thanks LightningPete, it's always good to know what offers are coming up in my local supermarket, heat n rep added.
perhaps you should remove the BOG2F pepsi deal and put at the top 'in addition to the pepsi deal'

some good offers there...
Apologies for not posting indivdual prices on products, unfortunatly, the SEL's we use havent been updated and therefore i havent been to admin today to find out.
The price of pepsi is changing to £1.45 each tho, as edited above

This is my sort of 1st post, my other morrisons one got deleted from someone posting a very very brief similar one.
great thanks
lil tiger, its BOG2F offer in general at morrisons, i was merely reflecting upon the entire deal rather than a small part of it, probably preventing 8 posts/topics with the same general idea
Great heads-up, cheers OP.
Some nice deals, thanks OP :thumbsup:
Nice one OP, heat and rep added.
top stuff
alawys good to know an insider, nice one
iv been waitin 4 this offer 4 ages!! thanks:roll::thumbsup:
Thanks, can someone please post the prices when they have a chance?
Voted hot.
cheers OP, great info and great deal
ettam123 i love your cat xx
Thanks OP for this, great way to stock up before :santa: and useful for the spend £40 and get a £25 voucher deal.:thumbsup:
thanks 4 the heads up
Magnum's 3 for 90p also starts tmrw!
Thanks these offers are brilliant.:)
Voted cold cause there is no proof.

Only messing

Though the amount of people that require some form of proof is amazing...get off ur butt and go to the shop!

Nice heads up for us, cant go wrong with 3 for the price of 1


Magnum's 3 for 90p also starts tmrw!

I dont know if its BOG2F pal...

The freezer lads only suggested the pizzas still, but if i can confirm tommorow night when im in, i will update all offers including any omissions that i didnt know of
haha @burning

For everyone else:

Im a morrisons employee at Byker , Newcastle.

If you dont believe me, visit the store and ask for Peter at Produce
and leave your message saying your a friend and to say thanks, i will get it
Thanks. These BOG2F promotions at Morrisons often seem to vary by store with some branches only offering BOG1F on the same items; either way it's handy to know what to look out for! :thumbsup:
Sarah7, I know 100% that the stores in the North East and North West will be displaying this offer.
Most stores if not all stores this week will be selling this offer, especially the Pepsi offer, to help promote in line with christmas and our new phrase: '' Prices in all our shops big or small are the same'' (or similar)

Great heads up thanks, keep them coming

Have repped
thanks....but u might wana remove the fact u work for morrisons.... HUKD can count it as self promotion or something. i might be wrong but thats what it was like last time i checked!
Thanks. Will be nipping along there tomorrow and crabbing some of the pizza's, also the pringles and pepsi to put away for Christmas. Heat added by me :thumbsup:
Love the bit at the bottom where you say to get family members to purchase more. You sound just like me i'm on the tills and always telling people to do that. I also encourage people to split big shops in half so they can have two of the £25 vouchers.(but I didn't tell you that):whistling:

Sarah7, I know 100% that the stores in the North East and North West will … Sarah7, I know 100% that the stores in the North East and North West will be displaying this offer.Most stores if not all stores this week will be selling this offer, especially the Pepsi offer, to help promote in line with christmas and our new phrase: '' Prices in all our shops big or small are the same'' (or similar):)

HEAT - Good lad Pete, you should mention tho that they dont have the offers on in Sunderland stores as they're a bunch of *****, ha!!
These are excellent. No idea of the BOG2F offers, will definitely be detouring to Morrisons tomorrow now! AMAZING! Heat and rep.
Thanks pete nice to have an insider on here.
hope tins of choccies will still be £3.99 because on yellow card telling you price it said offer avalible while 15/11
excelle nt deals, thanks OP.
My local Morrisons just opened again last week after being closed for months for a complete refurb.:)
How can I add heat??
fab fab fab! morrisions here I come!
Gillian :O);6898644

How can I add heat??

Just think warm thoughts while watching Morrisons adverts on youtube.
Gillian :O);6898644

How can I add heat??

Rub your hands together...

No you click the little red arrow next to the temp at the top of the page
Thanks Pete.
Cheers, very helpful to me as I had been planning to drop by at Morrisons sometime this week to check out the xbox deal.
fabulous... thanks OP!!
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