Buy Tesco Car Insurance & Get £100 off Navman 'S' range

Buy Tesco Car Insurance & Get £100 off Navman 'S' range

Found 6th Jan 2008
Tesco are really cheap with insurance & now doing £100 voucher for Navman @ Tesco Direct. At the mo their cheapest Navman is £129.97 = thats Satnav for £29.97!!!

Important info
£100 off Navman Sat Nav

Get a quote and buy Tesco Car Insurance online between 31st December 2007 and 6th February 2008 and get £100 off an 'S' range Navman Sat Nav at Tesco Direct.

New customers only.

For full terms and conditions and how to get your £100 voucher - see below.
How to get your £100 Navman Sat Nav voucher

The Navman 'S' range is packed with smart features to help you reach your destination. With its stylish design and easy to use menus, Navman takes the stress out of any journey.

* Simply call or go online for a quote
* Remember to quote promotional code satnavp108
* Give the consultant your full Clubcard number or enter it in your online application
* Take out the policy before 6th February 2008
* Once you have purchased we will send your £100 voucher to the address registered on the policy within 6 weeks of the policy start date.

If you don't have a clubcard, you can simply apply for one online or pick up a leaflet in store.

Please note that the Clubcard number you provide will link to your online voucher. Therefore, to make sure you don't miss out you must enter the correct Clubcard number!

Offer available to new customers who quote and buy between 31/12/07 and 06/02/08 using promotional code satnavp108. Offer available to Tesco Clubcard holders only. Applicants must be the registered keeper of the insured vehicle and supply a valid registration number. The same Clubcard number used to register must be quoted to redeem your voucher. Policies must be due to start within 30 days. Only one voucher per customer. The e-voucher is only redeemable at Tesco Direct. Available to redeem against any Navman Sat Nav 'S' range. Subject to availability at the time of purchase, and to possible fluctuations in price during the period. Tesco Personal Finance reserves the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


damm seems like a good offer voted HOT!

just got a quote on Mercedes c180 tesco - £313
AA - £203
Budget - £207

looks like you pay for the satnav yourself!!

that is a good deal, most certainly a hot deal!

Original Poster

Well mine with the AA was £261.56

Tesco - £153.86

+ £100 off for Navman so Insurance & Satnav = £183.83

In my books thats a bargain!

It seems hot but may I suggest that you all also have a look at the companies with cashback from quidco. Lloyds car insurance gives £90 back and other £75, £50 etc....


Tesco worked out a lot dearer for my insurance, but this'll be a great deal for some people- as sconto said though, make sure you check you're getting a good deal by comparing quotes on a comparison site like confused or moneysupermarket- then compare your quotes to cashback deals on Quidco

I don't need any more, but Tesco always used to work out much better for me.
It may be because I required serious mileage and business use.

I had a 2.5litre Petrol, 30k pa of which 20k was business, full NCB

of the insurers that would touch me (some wouldn't even quote), I used to get offers from people like Direct Line and Axa for £1200. Tesco used to come in about £550. They were usually more than £100 cheaper than anyone else.

:x sorry i would advise to avoid this one tesco are great for value but i made my first claim with tesco this year. i lost my car keys they cost £160 at the garage for 2 replacement keys and coding
throught the insurnce i was charge £100 excess which i was told when i began the claim i didn't have to pay
the keys would have taken 12 days to do if i had sorted it myself
through tesco took 34 day!! 2 courtasy cars
car then had a flat battery coz it had been standing to long so cost me a further £110
and i had to pay half the keys which i was not told at the start of the claim which through tesco selected garage cost £210 for ONE key!!!!
so cost me £100 exess plus £110 battery plus £105 for keys and took 34 days
i would avoid them and i had been with them 5 years. in the process of complaining now
also car came back with dents and scratchs it didn't have before and they lost it completly at one point for 5 days!!


just got a quote on Mercedes c180 tesco - £313 … just got a quote on Mercedes c180 tesco - £313 AA - £203 Budget - £207looks like you pay for the satnav yourself!!

agree i was quoted 200 quid more than anyone else :x

they did this same deal last October but it was £100 voucher off TomTom

we got the £100 cash (cheque) and 1000points, after contacting them to complain, because their sales person forgot to take my CC number meaning we missed out on the TomTom voucher.

I too did this with the TomTom voucher and had problems. I added the TomTom to my basket and when I put the code in it would not go through, one week, several calls and emails later I went back to the item which was still in my basket to purchase...... It had gone up by £30!!!! I sent them an email complaining and they refunded the difference. Insurance was cheap enough and the money off my new Satnav was excellent but it was certainly not hassle free.

Tesco saved me £550 insuring my current car, when nobody else would give me a sensible quote. Even with 4 years NCB, at 22 it becomes a pain getting a quote on a powerful vehicle. I was getting quotes of £2500 from some insurers, while Tesco piped up with £650 FC. My old Fiesta was around £300 FC while the nearest I got quoted by other places was £450. Worth looking around all over.

It's really all about your postcode and whether the insurers want your business on the day from what I understand.

can anybody shed some info on this for me?

i recently bought a rover 100 and anyway, long story short, i'm now insured and on my dads insurance.

is there a way i could still get this sat nav for cheap? i registered within the time frame.


can anybody shed some info on this for me?i recently bought a rover 100 … can anybody shed some info on this for me?i recently bought a rover 100 and anyway, long story short, i'm now insured and on my dads there a way i could still get this sat nav for cheap? i registered within the time frame.

Hi, yes you could get this sat nav cheap still. Basically, being insured on your dad's policy when you are the main driver is called policy fronting. It is illegal and basically means you're uninsured. See here…stm

It's also considered a false economy as well as illegal…ws-Fronting'-on-car-insurance-policies-deemed-'false-economy'-475.html[/url]

if it's illegal why is it allowed?

i dont know the proper details actually, all i know is that the other week my mam got a quote of around £600 annually for me to be insured on my new car with my dad as the main driver. however, there was some sort of mix-up and it turns out he can only use his no claims (which was the reason for it being cheap) on one car (obviously he's using it on his own) and so now it's ended up i'm paying over £100 per month at the minute. i dont know the full details, all i know is that me/my dad got insured with tesco on my new car within the timeframe and i'd like to get this sat nav for cheap.

however, i dont know if my dad's got a clubcard. i know my mother has got one and i work for tesco and so i have a clubcard/privilege card (10% discount) so if you could shed anymore info on this for me i would appreciate it very much.

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