buyagift flowers
buyagift flowers

buyagift flowers

using the 20 % off code cosmo20

and 15 % potential cashback at topcashback makes some good deals IF you cant be bothered going to Asda etc

eg buyagift.co.uk/Pro…d/0

£23.96 delivered and 15 % cashback not bad


Not bad if you need delivery - heat added

Don't use this company

I ordered flowers from them on 02/02 for delivery on 06/09. The flowers didn't turn up. I called in the afternoon of the 6th and was told there'd been problems with the snow and they were being delivered on the 7th. On the 7th they didn't show up. I called on the 9th for a refund and was told they won't refund until their supplier refunds them and even then it won't be processed until the end of the month and will then take up to 10 days to reach my account. So they take your order, don't bother to supply it and keep your money for over 1 month. Nice business model.
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