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Found 4th Jan
*THIS IS NOT A REFERRAL LINK* I went onto last night to buy a spa experience and was looking for discount codes. I found the link which says "been referred by a friend" so I clicked and realised if I put in my own email address used on Buyagift before, I could effectively refer myself and get £10 off my purchase as it instantly gives you the discount code.
Hope it might be of use to someone else to get a wee bargain


hi caroline, can you tell me where the referral link is ? looks like a call if you are buying any way

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found it -

Sorry, I just got this! Glad you found it

Be very careful! The Terms and Conditions state that your account may be suspended or terminated if they detect fraud.

... and you could lose all your vouchers without warning. Not worth the risk imo.

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It's not fraudulent IMO, if it was they wouldn't allow you to use the same email address

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Happy to generate a code for anyone just message me. Again, not a referral

it does stop you after a few attempts ( i got a sorry msg ) - but you can round robin with the family or gmail accounts.
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