Buycosmetics warehouse sale - this weekend only! Stock from 55p!

Buycosmetics warehouse sale - this weekend only! Stock from 55p!

Found 7th Jul 2006
Ok, I know the item at 55p is a set of England facepaints (!) but there are actually some good items in the clearance section here (Click "Go to deal" to have a browse). "Frizz Ease" stlying mousse for 99p delivered, Versace Hair Gel for £1.95 delivered, and Adidas Aftershave lotion for £2.50 delivered - to name but a few.

A few bargains to be had - click the clearance tab at the top right of the buycosmetics page.
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thanks! will give it a try now!
You're welcome - I can recommend the Versace Hair Gel for £1.95 (Sorry can't work a direct link to it - it comes in a really strange bottle with a golden tassle, but it's good stuff. Delivery is pretty fast with these guys too, which is good considering it is free.
Thanks for that siddo!!!! :thumbsup:
Whats it smell like , does this usually retail at the price they say as ive never seen this product , only Versace clothes yes but not styling products so not sure if it will be any good , plus bottle is a bit femmine
Have to put my creative skills into action here:

It smells like stepping off a boat onto a calm beach, with luscious green palm trees waving in the wind, and a small wooden beach hut filled with coconuts...

No only joking! To be honest, it smells a tiny bit like aftershave, like nice men smell when they are out for the night. It's a wee tiny bit fruity, but I think it's unisex anyway.

I'm not certain of the retail price, I did find it ][COLOR="Blue"]here [/COLOR] for £14.50. But for £1.95 delivered, you could take the chance and not be out of pocket too much!
Oh not sure about aftersave smell , as long as its not like that nasty lynx smell some lads wear lol

Well i was gonna buy a few things Shower gels etc ......i usually buy Molton Brown as i love there Shower gels as they smell gr8 but it works out quite expensive tried any of the Versace Bath or Shower products are they more natural smells?
I haven't tried any of the others at all.

This hair gel is not a bad smell - definitely not LYNX like. I like it. Good luck with your choices anyway.
Cheers thanks for the info
Good quality stuff - I've bought several times from them. The Versace hair/body wash is quite nice:


They say it's £4, reduced from £16.50. I was a bought suspicious of that, but googling around I see it at £12 and £15 elsewhere. Free delivery as well doesn't hurt.
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