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Mate 20 pro £ 912 (24*£38p/m) possible £31.50 top cashback unl min/txt 20Gb data ee MAX plan @ BuyMobiles
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Think it's the best contract offer ATM. No codes needed. 20 gig MAX plan Term 912£ possible cashback to reduce it further
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has expired is now 60 upfront


I think for some things it depends who the poster is etc. I agree it's stupid.


This is a good deal with EE and about the right amount of data for the average person. Strange how it's cold fantastic phone although I did have to send mine from the first batch back to Huawei for a replacement due to green screen


That's why he realised he good they were...


Not anymore

iPhone XR 64gb - £38pm x 24 months = £912 @ BuyMobiles
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
iPhone XR 64gb on EE £38pm 20gb data, no upfront, 6 months free Apple Music, free BT sport
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£60 up front now


I don’t know why this is cold. I’ve ordered this, got it the next day, setup the phone....all up and running well. I got for £0 upfront and £38 a month...!


That was what swayed it!


Understandable. In the OP’s defence it does come with free BT Sport and Apple Music


Ahh I see this but the Mrs wants ee o2 signals pretty bad where we live

Huawei Mate 20 Pro, EE, £38pm, 20gb Data and no upfront cost - Term = £912 @ BuyMobiles
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Hi guys, I know this is not as good as the black Friday deals but Mate 20 Pro on EE for £38 with 20gb data and no upfront cost using code xmas12



Does anyone have a view on what a 20GB EE Max Sim only would cost per month? Just trying to gauge how good a deal this is and whether it's worth waiting from something better


I'm pretty sure you'll only find people moving away from samsung. I switched from s9 to p20 pro and now I have mate 20 pro and wouldn't switch back


I got my mate 20 from EE on the black Friday weekend and it was delivered next day. It was Vodafone that was the problem


Wouldn't touch MPD with a 10 foot bargepole after the black Friday fiasco

Huawei Mate 20, EE max 8Gb data, unlimited calls, BT sport. £30 a month, no upfront cost - £720 @ Buy mobiles
Found 4th Dec 2018Found 4th Dec 2018
This is the Huawei Mate 20. It isn't the mate 20 pro but it shares the same powerful chip and in some ways beats it's bigger brother. It has a bigger screen, courtesy of its smalle… Read more
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Disagree. I travel all over the UK and I went from O2, BT to EE (I know same shit) and now I'm on Vodafone. Vodafone has the best coverage imho.


Think during & after Xmas there will be deals. Also quite of the handsets like the pixel 3, mate 20 pro are really new. Manufacturers always add a premium initially but lower the prices of the handsets after the initial buzz has worn off.


Find a similar deal with EE max tarrif.


That's a good deal apart from it being Vodafone. EE has much better coverage, this is a good deal.


Adamderak, you seem to be the go-to guy for contracts and handsets: I got my daughter a good deal on Black Friday with the 80gb Vodafone and Mate 20 Pro, but now her sister feels deprived. In your experience, what is the next time one can expect suchdeals to come along? Just before or after Xmas? Or will we have to wait for next year’s Black Friday?

IPHONE XS 64GB £37 80GB DATA VODAFONE 4G £119.99 HANDSET COST! £1007.99 @ Buy Mobiles
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
A pretty decent deal I’ve found on the iPhone XS 64GB 4G Vodafone 80GB Data, Unlimited mins & Texts £37 A month for 24 Months. handest cost is £119.99 free delivery availabl… Read more
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Thanks op(y)


There is. It's £270 upfront and £37 per month. So taking into account price of phone, you pay pennies for 80GB and UL Call and SMS.


Hoping there a deal on the 256 storage



iPhone Xs Max 64GB Space Grey vodafone £37 p/m 24 months - £214.99 upfront - £971 @ BuyMobiles
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
great deal here for an IPhone XS (others available) £120 down, £37 a month less cashback (`£37). TOTAL £971.00 24 months Includes unlimited text and mins and 100 GB data.

Naa. Looks like it’s withdrawn now.


Have you got this deal?


I see Vodaphone stipulate monthly charge increases by RPI every May. I assume that’s standard for all operators? Also, not clear if Red Entertainment charge of £73 is extra below


Does anyone know if you can run notification apps to mimic always on display notifications or led blinks?


LG G7 - 100GB £36 a month @ - Total cost £504
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
LG G7 Black Unlimited Mins + Unlimited Texts + 100GB Data 24 contact £36 a month After 99 days £360 automatic cashback Works out to £504 Possible TCB - £31.50

Respect your opinion. I think I must have been luckier. Lots of choose out there thank god!


Hate LG! Had G3, G5 and then G6. Everyone of them had issues. G5 and G6 went back. Luckily bought one from Argos and other from John Lewis, so got full refunds. Never again.


I think this is a brilliant deal. And 100gb will even be enough for some people to not need a fixed line Internet line if they get a good data connection on their phone at home. Great spec and a bit underrated phone IMO. And they were doing the wide angle lens before Huwaei Mate 20 pro just introduced it. Also fantastic sound with headphones and the boombox feature! Hate cashback by redemption deals (because I'm not always most organised lol) but with the auto cashback on this deal it's a great spot. Good work, OP! (y) 🔥


Ordered this last night, phone is around £400 so this works out at around £4.30 per Month for 24 Months for Unlimited Mins + Unlimited Texts + 100GB Data after the automatic cashback.

Iphone XS 64gb £37 per Month £119.99 Upfront, 80gb Unlimited Text/Minutes - Vodafone Entertainment Tarrif -
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Another XS deal, but I've just gone for this one myself. The included Vodafone Entertainment tariff swung it for me, which will save me my Spotify payments every month, but you can… Read more
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Has anyone had issues with their phones and the sim being activated?


Phone finally arrives. Can't make calls grrrrr


Called ee for my pac code, they said on black friday they had a price match for this deal! If i’d have known would never have left.


I’ve been declined and accepted 3 times now. Phoned buymobiles last night and there putting it through manually now. I phoned Vodafone and they accepted me no problem. Fingers crossed


My status on the order checker is still pending network decision so I rang Vodafone and they have confirmed I’ve been accepted and given my reference numbers of the credit check. But still heard nothing from but mobiles..

iPhone X - £37.00 per Month with £49.99 up Front. 80gb of Data with unlimited Minutes / Calls. at buymobiles
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Hi, Not the best at posting online for topics or deals but thought i'd share. Seems like a decent deal for a low up front iPhone X on a 24 month contract and the data should be … Read more
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Need to note this is only on the refurbished iPhone X, still not bad (y) 🏼


At this price, although there probably isn't much in it, you may as well pay the extra £70 for the XS.


Vodafone are offering a lot!


Utter joke of a company as they are always massively oversubscribed and fail to meet demand truly the definition of a S*** sandwich


It'll be single.


Very good deal but i take it is a single sim note 9 ?


Does anyone know if this is the dual SIM version that Samsung do or the single SIM like carphone warehouse?


This one is. They all moved on to talking about different deal where you have to claim.

Iphone xR 64 GB  Vodafone £37 24mnth (£34.75 after cashback) 80gb data u/l the rest at BuyMobiles
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Cheapest 2yr deal for 64gb Iphone XR with big data.

This is an amazing deal! Thanks op!! It's cheaper to get the phone on contract than buy it outright here. Same goes for the 128 version of this handset.


I’m baffled there’s not more heat on this, I took the 256gb handset at 69.99 plus 37pm


Think the mobile phones direct deal is cheaper. Works out at 27.50 per month after cashback, the a further 42 back through Quidco or 45 from tcb. some amazing deals of this phone today, working out cheaper than the handset price for 2 years excellent data package


Or note 9 with 100 GB data

Oneplus 6t 8GB RAM Midnight or Mirror Black 80GB data £36pm / 24mth £864 before cashback @ BuyMobiles
Refreshed 24th Nov 2018Refreshed 24th Nov 2018
Absolute steal of a deal for the new Oneplus 6t 8GB ram version with 128GB storage. 24 month contract with Vodafone including Spotify Premium, international calling, 80GB data and… Read more
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I ordered the 256GB which only comes in midnight black, was in stock for days after I ordered, but now seems to be out of stock. Wanted it yesterday as it was my Birthday! (lol) (lol)


I rang a affordable mobiles a few days after placing my order on black Friday to get an update. Said they didn't have any of midnight black models in stock (which I ordered) but said they could send out a mirror black for next day delivery. I aren't having the problems some are having,posted my Vodafone app. Fingers crossed it gets sorted for yous!


Sat on hold for an hour with after Vodafone confirmed there was nothing they could do. Finally got through and they are contacting Vodafone today to ensure the details of the deal are in place. Mentioned others were having the same issue, suggest people ring up to make sure there deals get updated (maybe when Black Friday calls have died down a bit).


Hopefully it should arrive soon - problem is phone is now showing out of stock so likely wont get it til after Xmas :(


Yeah the chat person alluded to something similar... I think I'll raise with both and see what happens!

THE BEST Galaxy S9 Deal (I Hope) 80GB + Entertainment £37 p/m 24 months £300 AUTO CASHBACK + Includes spotify @ Buymobiles
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Ok guys so after much hard shopping this is the best Black Friday Deal i've found for the Galaxy S9. Handset is Free includes 80GB of data which can be used in usa ect (this is th… Read more
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See im sure i seen in the terms they were, but like you say was no option in the drop down box Might give it a go


If you look in the terms and conditions they are in there but they are not in the drop down box! I emailed samsung customer services regarding this and they eventually replied with "We have now looked in to this. Could you please submit a claim selecting a different retailer. Once you have done this could you please reply with the claim id. so we can accept it." So you can claim you will just need to pick a different retailer then email the customer services on And they should be able to honour it! The problem is that regarding this thread most will have applied for the phone long before this promotion was valid from!


Not part of the eligable retailers


As in claim the additional cashback from Samsung that went live today. Talked about here



Huawei Mate 20 Pro - 80GBData - Unlimited Calls & Text - on Vodafone - £32.75 per month after £102 auto cashback via bacs within 90 days.
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Huawei Mate 20 Pro 128GB - 80GB Data - Unlimited Calls & Text - on Vodafone - £32.75 per month after £102 auto cashback via bacs within 90 days. Looked for a deal a few time… Read more

I had a further email today asking me to reconfirm my address for the previous 3 years. Considering this was on the original order. I don't know what to believe now. Still, hopefully this will be sorted before Christmas (annoyed)


Update: i called them yesterday and they hung up after 1 hour on the phone. Called again today and finally got though. Guy on the phone very nice and said he will re process my order and i just checked order status and it says this: "Thank you so much for choosing to buy one of our Black Friday offers. We really do appreciate it. We have received your request to re-process your Vodafone application. Please accept our apologies once again for your order having originally being rejected in error. The huge volume of orders we have received has presented us with an unprecedented challenge in order processing, which has meant that the same-day turnaround, next-day delivery service that we pride ourselves on is not currently possible as we work through the backlog of orders."


Did anyone who ordered this phone actually get it?? I ordered and receieved an email saying that i had failed the credit check even though my credit history is good. I called vodafone as i already have a line with them and they said that there is no reason why i couldnt open a new contract This has happened to lots of people and its because they can't cope with the amount of orders and have run out of stock :S


Do not cancel it. I have done it then both orders via AFM & MPD are cancelled referring security or credit check.


Still processing :((

Oneplus 6T £220 cashback 100gb vodafone unlimited text / mins £36 p/m 24 months £864 @ Buymobiles
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
£220 guarantee cashback which effectively makes it £26.83 per month. £36 per month before cashback however cashback is paid with 99 days after connection. No need to claim vouchers… Read more

Turns out what I got was slightly different from what was posted here so have made a separate post to make it easier:


I just got this with the red entertainment pack for £636 after cashback (potential £30 quidco also but wont hold my breath!) Absolute steal seeing as was after getting spotify premium anyway and phone is £529 itself! Serious thanks for the post, glad I waited til today to bite! One question though - how does the warranty/guarantee for the phone work? i assume Oneplus will stay away from it as it wasnt bought direct?


Good info - thanks! There are good reviews on Trustpilot for the company. So looks like they are reliable.


I believe this is because that's the 8gb variant. The 6gb variant is available for next day delivery. This actually might be a better deal reputation wise no idea.


Is Buymobiles a reputable company? Seems quite a long wait time for the phone delivery - 2-3 weeks

Unlimited everything. Huawei mate 20 pro, £49 a month. £49 upfront cost at buy £1125
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
Not exactly cheap but you have arguably the most advanced mobile phone that costs ,£899. With a truly unlimited data, calls, texts. Never go above your bill. Total cost is £1225. T… Read more
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You might wanna have a look on Three’s actual site and not a third party one. There was also two threads on here that told us Three has removed the tethering limit.


Not what it says :-/


You’ll be glad to hear that’sno longer the case. If you have unlimited data then you’ll have unlimited tethering.


Was thinking about canceling my WiFi and using this but it's tethering is 30GB cap unfortunately.


Did see that, and very tempting! I think it may still work out cheaper for me to buy SIM free though with a decent BF deal. Particularly as I don't need the unlimited data aspect. Great posts though!

Free iphone 8 EE with 30gb data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts £36.00 per month 24 months £864 @ Buy mobiles
Found 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
Cracking deal for anyone after an iphone 8 Free phone, (No upfront cost) unlimited texts & calls with 30gb of data for £36.00 x 24 months. Also £30.00 cashback from Top Cashbac… Read more
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Port your number to another provider.


I called EE and they said I couldn’t end my SIM only deal to sign up to a third party deal, even though it’s still EE, so be careful. That said, they as good as matched it (£38) which will do me.


Love it how people vote cold or slag iphone deals off but never post anything better?


I have been checking uswitch constantly and can’t find anything better than the deal posted. Thought some of these cold voters knew of somewhere cheaper! I’ll keep checking this week to see if anything better turns up.


Check uswitch for best deals filter by total cost you gonna find something but wait till Friday should be something better than now...

Samsung S9. EE Max plan, 8GB & unlimited calls. £30 a month / 24mths. £49 upfront cost @ BuyMobiles
Found 15th Nov 2018Found 15th Nov 2018
This is the EE max plan and not the EE essential plan The max plan gives you much better uncapped internet speeds. Includes BT sport for 24 months.£49 upfront costs. New S10 is du… Read more
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Does watching BT sport using the app use up your EE data?? Also I have the BT tv app on my smart tv, will i be able to use this?


Link?? I can't see it sdaly.


The link takes you to the wrong deal. Have a look at the other deals and there is a 12 month £30 per month no upfront deal on EE.


Pretty decent deal, considering the handset price.

Oneplus 6T on EE - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 20GB Data for £31pm with NO upfront using code (24mo - £744 total) @ Buy Mobiles
Refreshed 7th Nov 2018Refreshed 7th Nov 2018
Users seem to be split on this handset, but this deal is really hard to argue with considering its competition (or lack of) out there at the moment. Zero upfront costs and £31pm n… Read more

I think I finally downloaded the right APK tried night mode last night and it works perfectly lights up a dark room with out the flash looks amazing


That's interesting. My photos are coming out more crisp, can definitely notice it. I guess it's the same sensor still so it's going to have limited impact, but still. Front camera seems less affected than rear.


I can't tell the difference on my 6T and the Google camera apk I downloaded maybe time will tell :/


Managed to find it, much better with Google Camera. Thanks!!


You can install the Google camera apk on the 6T and get improved software and all the goodies like Night Sight