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HUAWEI pro30 with 30 gb for £37 x24 months (£888) at Buy Mobiles
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
I m not sure if is brilliant deal but I thought I would share with you.( My first post :p)I was looking for new phone and I found this deal on mobiles net with o2 for huawei p30 p… Read more

Just changed our excellent Mate 10 Pros for Note 9s because of this, the seller giving full refunds on the Huaweis because they accepted that they were essentially defective now and didn't want their customers put at risk. Good company! The Note 9s are certainly better - but not that much better, given the price differential. However I do value my banking, email and other security and it's just not worth the risk. There's a reason your Mate 10 Pro is worth just £30, and there's a reason everyone's selling - ignore the warnings at your peril.


No, I think it's a good shout. There's just too much scare over the Huawei business. My Mate 10 Pro is worth £30 to Music Magpie. It's FAR better than that and much better than my Wife's S8 which they'll give £160 for. Everyone is selling, and for no particular reason just yet


They have every data we type even porn lol


And Google don't spy on us.. They don't track or read our emails. That don't know what websites we look at or hold our passwords do they... Oh that do.. Really..


I agree. And this is precisely why it's under attack from Trump. Not a lot to do with security - that's just a convenient cover - all to do with protecting American companies against competition from China. China will ultimately win (it's unstoppable, and it will get its own back against the US) but not before Trump's caused enormous damage across the world. Not going to bother him, of course!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB on O2 Unlimited Minutes & Texts, 30GB of Data for £33pm (24mo - £792) with free upfront using code @ Buy Mobiles
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Pretty great offer I thought considering 0 upfront and 512GB variant of the Note 9 that's on offer. Unlimited Minutes and Texts on o2 with 30GB per month on a 24 month contract. T… Read more

They got back to me today and said something is wrong with the SIM and they'll send me out a new one. Apparently O2 recycle old numbers but you'd think they'd wipe the account info off of them first right. I'm not too bothered as my old contract still running and I just delayed trading in my old S7 but it wasn't a great start.


Did you get it sorted?


This is the single sim version


Are you sure it's not the dual or hybrid sim model? There is another thread for a previous deal from same seller (buy mobiles) and people there got the dual sim version? Can anyone who has received it recently in last week or so confirm?


Delivered today, thanks for posting! O2 couldn't even come close to matching @£55pm for the 128GB version. EE and Vodafone slightly more expensive but throw in subscriber services as part of the deal (y)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ @ Buy Mobiles - Unlimited Mins & Text / 30gb Data / £33 x 24 Months = £792
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Cheapest s10+ I’ve seen on contract with decent data

Yes, invariably even when you get the details right it will go cold either due ti the android/apple debate and the huge cost of top end smartphones anyway. I always search new deals when looking for a phone as 4gb of data does me. Was thinking this was a blinding deal for an S10+ but even with the up front cost added it's still one of the cheaper ones.


Have any of you tried to list a contract phone on here before ?


I rather buy the 5G model now it is available


You missed the upfront cost which is why it’s going so cold. £1041 isn’t as good a deal as your title


Idk means i don’t know any code

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Three unlimited data, calls and Texts @ £20 a month for 12 months = £240 @ BuyMobiles
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Beat Three’s price rise and get this for £20 a month from 8.9/10 on trustpilot. Comes with all usual three benefits. This same deal is £22 a month direct from Thre… Read more

SMARTY does. Albeit more expensive. But three network


Call your current provider and request your PAC code. Once you've signed up for the new deal, call them and give your PAC code. They will transfer the number over.


Yeah, sorry, meant to say - I had a text on 80% and nothing since so I should be alright, fingers crossed! I spoke to an agent on Live Chat and asked if Go Binge is affected by your roaming allowance, apparently it isn't (y)


Three claimed they would send a text at 80% and 90% respectively while roaming so you should have got a heads-up at least. (Although if you are using a MiFi I'm not sure if yours is able to receive sms messages or setup to do so) Also it's 19GB per month, not per trip (I asked three to clarify this for me). Luckily mine rolled over half way through my holiday (y)


Just a point to note, you only get a 19GB data roaming allowance per month, after that its charged by MB... I think I may have just learnt this the hard way (fierce) Heat OP, generally a flawless plan!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128gb blue or purple at £36/month(before potential cashback) with 30gb/month EE essential unlimited text/call
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Potentially £31.50 cashback from: reducing the average monthly cost down to £34.68. Dedicated to @Mrswitch
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I'm not criticizing you, just offering a reason why people aren't buying it (literally)!


This deal should be seen for what it is: a mobile phone contract deal,where you consider the data and calls/minutes offered specifically by the network involved,taking into account that it's about a brand new phone with official UK warranty(plus Samsung's one). It's not refurbished,nor from Eglobal and alikes,it's BNIB and potential buyers would or should take all this information into account. Of course, if you consider this phone sim free as grey import,you can find it for less,however that wasn't the niche of people interested in my deal. That said, I vote hot or cold on the base of facts and for the deal as it is proposed. A quick Google and found that this phone,from official UK e-tailers,doesn't cost less than around £580,and goes up till £650 or so. If people can afford to splash for the phone at this prices (or less at Eglobal and similar stores) and then find a cheapest separate sim only deal as per mine, good for them. This and my other today's 2 deals were intended for those people who want to go through mobile contracts, but still saving the most among the other mobile contracts.These people can't or don't want to pay upfront for the phone and then for a sim only,they want the best value for money on a mobile contract. That was what I thought when posting this deals today...waste of time it seems.


Don't get me wrong, it's a good deal. But no longer a great deal as the values of the Note 9 has dropped heavily in the last month or so. If someone is desperate, I guess they would buy it!


People will be voting cold because they can buy it outright in the region of half this price (without factoring in a service contract). Seems a decent enough deal when the service contract is also considered.


Some would agree with you, some others might need to buy the Note 9 now, so on this assumption this deal should be considered

Samsung Galaxy S10e Black 8GB data & unlimited calls No UPFRONT cost £31 a month. 24M contract , total cost £744 @ Buymobiles
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Difficult these days to get the latest Samsung phones without an extortionate upfront cost. Sensible deals for the latest Samsung phones . S10e Reasonable 8GB data & unlimit… Read more

Check this though, I tried to buy this deal and when I went through to the basket the upfront cost had increased significantly.


Yup but it's Vodafone who are a bit poop.


If you can cope with 5gb do this phone quite regularly on vodafone for £90 up front and £24 per month total 666. Yeah I know its not zero but if you can't afford £90 up front then you shouldn't really be looking at committing yourself to a 2 year contract in the first place


£575 at John Lewis with fonehouse price match.... Sorry didn't realise it was a contract.

Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB (Three network)  £36Pm £9.99 upfront plus potential £30.30 Topcashback @ BuyMobiles for £873.99
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
The Galaxy S10 is a stunning, all-screen Samsung with advanced technology and a design that turns heads everywhere. • Uninterrupted viewing on a 6.1-inch Infinity-O Display • Char… Read more
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That is another option. I had a monthly sim only contract when I took out the S10+ deal, so I had to give a 30 day notice anyway for the sim only contract. It made no difference doing it my way for me. However, it could work out quicker for someone else to use your option.


So why can't you just get a random PAYG sim, ask for your PAC and transfer to sim. Once the transfer happens, phone up PAYG company, ask for PAC, transfer back?


Sounds far too complicated for me (lol)


It is, but quite longwinded! You have to call 3 mobile and ask for your old sim to be turned into a PAYG. This takes 30 days. After this happens you call them again and then ask for your old number to be transferred to your new sim. I did it a couple of weeks ago. I was fortunate to get the Samsung S10+ with 12GB data, £16.99 upfront on 3 for £36 a month (now expired).Plus £42.42 cashback with TCB. Was posted by aminibrar.


Paying less for s10+ from mobiles direct... 2 year warranty. Hold your horses and wait for a deal!

Huawei Mate 20 Pro on EE - Unltd Mins and Texts, 30GB of 4G (6 mo Apple Music / Prime Video) £33pm ZERO upfront with code £792 @ Buy Mobiles
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Good price for this particular handset, considering theres zero upfront and 30GB of data included. EE essential plan, so you'll be getting decent 4G speeds, as well as the added pe… Read more

This phone nearly as beautiful as a woman (😃 not a model) (I know, a very enlightened comment)


Poor deal i'm afraid. Black Friday just gone when the phone was new there were better deals: Right now you can get a B grade (probably zero damage to the phone) from CeX for £380, that leaves you £412 to buy a SIM only contract which would be £17 per month if you divide it over 24 months. Oh and remember that you get 2 years warranty from CeX. Pick a SIM only deal that fits your needs from here: Best thing is you are not stuck with a contract (unless your SIM only is a contract) and can get a new phone whenever you like and sell on this one, for example when Black Friday comes round. (cheeky) I'm hoping Vodafone + Huawei keep doing these Black Friday deals because they are insane value for money (compared to other contracts).


cracking deal!


Data only works after midnight or in uncrowded areas like villages etc where EE have excess capacity. You will think your phone is broken but its the network as you are on low priority compared to EE Max and BT.


Not true! Ee essential is the same data speed.

Huawei P30 Crystal 30GB data & unlimited calls for £33 pm with NO UPFRONT cost on EE Total £792 @ BuyMobiles
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Get the latest Huawei P30 with its amazing camera for a reasonable £33 a month & a generous 30GB data & unlimited calls. No upfront cost. With EE who are number one in term… Read more
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Huawei, because its not a Samsung. Excellent batteries, build quality and system updates.


Note 9 , just because note 9 is the top of the range Samsung, this isn't quite the top of the range Huawei


Torn between this and the Note 9


Agree 100%. I already have Internet access on my phone 4 times faster than the fibre broadband in my home. I'm not really sure what the extra speed is going to get me. There was a 'security technology' specialist on radio 4 this Morning talking about Huawei's involvement in our 5G network - the most interesting thing he said was that in twenty years 5G will be underpin many aspects of people's lives. I assume he means self driving cars etc.. I don't think it's worth waiting for now if you are waiting for a new contract. Unless someone can actually say what benefit 5G will offer on a phone today... When I first read about 5G I understood it was being designed to allow greater bandwidth. Massively more connections to a mast at once. no more not having a network signal at midnight on hogmanay for example, and the driver for this is that so many devices in the futuere 'need' always on Internet (self driving cars, Internet connected fridges etc) that the 4g network can't cope with the predicted number of concurrent connections per mast.


Ye the white one will be the one I'm getting I would of got the flamingo pink but it's only in the us

Huawei P30 (3 Colours) 20GB 4G Data w/ Unltd Mins & Txts + BT Sport, Apple Music, 6 Months Prime Video - £31pm ZERO upfront @ BuyMobiles
Refreshed 24th AprRefreshed 24th Apr
Decent deal with ZERO Upfront - Get some nice 'Freebies' along the way also, aval in 3 colours also including the crystal variant Whats included? 20GB 4G Data Unlimited Mins &a… Read more

code no longer valid


You are making the assumption that large company can keep wholesale prices through out their business. Lets look at 3, entire UK (sim, phone, corp, internet)~£450m year profit, a third of which went into infrastructure costs of keeping to the increase demand for data. Wholesale is a lot cheaper than 3 prices, £100m might sound like alot, but there is several cost that majority of consumers dont actually see.


Thanks for your response but I fully understand how it works, but you're missing the point the network can sell the sims and devices much cheaper than any reseller with a discount. The big networks artificially keeping the prices high thus avoiding having to price match each other just like when Vodafone shook up the market with their 2017 and 2018 deals that ee and O2 had to match to avoid churn.


This is not price fixing. This is the reseller model. BuyMobiles goes to Vodafone give me 3000 of that £20 a month sim and Vodafone say sure have them at £8 a sim. They then bulk buy phones to sell them with. They pass on the discount hence the cheaper price. BuyMobiles have very limited stock, Vodafone will only give them a certain amount of sims, the phone seller may run out of stock. Not meaning to be pedantic but just trying to educate.


Good deal but notice how the big networks don't offer these deals they don't have to price match each other!price fixing at its finest

3 Three Advanced 30GB Sim Only (30GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts - £19pm x 12Months @ BuyMobiles (£16.08pm after Cashback) - £228
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
Three Advanced 30GB Sim Only (12mths)* 30GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 12 month

As @Bilal_Muhammed stated, you can’t get these deals through any links, not even under ‘existing customer’ offers. You must speak to Three advisor via online chat, mention you want a “price plan change” NOT an “upgrade”, and if they try to get you to call upgrades, politely reconfirm it’s the price plan change you want. You may not initially receive the offer you hoped for, so feel free to reasonably haggle with them, and if they won’t budge then that’s OK, simply try again on another day. Best of luck! 👌🏻


These types of deals are only available through the Three live chat on their app and you need to be on an existing contract to begin with. Never say you want to upgrade/cancel and don’t mention this place and that someone else has a deal. Just be nice and say you want more value for money and that you want a “price plan change” then you just list your requirements and how much you’re willing to pay. If they offer something like 30gb data, unlimited texts and minutes, and if you don’t need the unlimited minutes ask them if you can trade it in for unlimited data. They should hopefully then offer you the £14 a month deal that I got


Superb :) Where I can find link to buy this deal? This website is to share deals not showing of as I understand :) Try to find what is available now on the market not xxx months ago.


The “Plan” tab hasn’t updated yet because my billing date is still 10 days away but yeah here you go. On the 14th it will change to £13 a month.


Fantastic guys :) Where are links to yours brilliant deals????? You know. I have elephant in my room (party)

No UPFRONT cost Huawei P30. 15GB data/unlimited calls. £34 a month. Free Sonos one speaker worth £200. With O2, 24M, total £816 BuyMobiles
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
The newly released Huawei P30. Quite difficult to get this phone at a reasonable monthly cost without an upfront fee. £34 a month with a relatively large 15GB data is pretty decen… Read more
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Ah I see thanks for letting me know! It’s useful because I do a bit of car photography and drives out to the countryside with friends so ideally I’d like to have signal wherever I go in case any of the group get lost!


I can only speak as I find, but me and the Missus are proper outdoor and travelling people (no, not that kind of travelling). We do a number of outdoor things with our phones - Pokemon, Geocaching, Ingress, Munzee, camping (including wild) and so on. The Missus got "Wowed" by a Vodafone deal. Her experience with them has been that they are great in urban areas, particularly built-up office and industrial areas. Considerably better than O2 (my work phone) and about the same as EE. However, rurally (I live in a market town), they're terrible. Once you get into the countryside, forget it. FWIW, my Son is on Three. He never ever moans about signal. I've been with them before and found them not bad at all. I remember being sat in the middle of a field where a number of our mates got no signal and I had full 4G.


What's wrong with Vodafone? Genuine question as I've always been with Three but I get 20% off Vodafone through work so was considering them next.


Fonehouse also have the deal I mentioned above.£5 up front, £34 a month for 30gb. Need to go via Moneysupermarket. I'd rather do that than mess about with money back. No, otherwise I would have snapped one up. Actually, I wouldn't because it's Vodafone, but it would have been a cracking deal.


Is the deal you mention for the pro?

Nokia 9 purview, 8GB EE Max, £30pm/24mths £720, 24M BT sport's inc, free wireless buds (£129), 6mths of Prime video & Apple music BuyMobiles
Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
The new Nokia 9 purview. £30 a month, no upfront cost 8GB data & unlimited calls with EE max ( fastest 4g) Free Nokia wireless earbuds worth £129. BT sport's subscription for… Read more
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It can't be worse, give them a bit of time to iron out niggles with software, and reviewers too to get to know it better. I much doubt that fingerprint sensor is unusable, as it has been suggested. This phone can have serious strenghts that could be underestimated atm, let's see how time treats it


Gutted about this phone, thought the camera tech might be an upgrade of the pure view us windows phone diehards were so fond of :(


Think you seem to have confused the U in hotUkdeald with hotIkdeals. The best deals are what suit the general people. Obviously not in your case but it's horses for courses. It might not be a good deal for you but it seems to have been well received.


incentives that i won't use, i'd prefer the extra data and not get any extra monthly charges


So it doesn't have all the added benefits but you still think it's a better deal. Hmmm

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 w/ ZERO Upfront - 30GB, Unltd Mins & Texts + FREE BT Sport / Prime Video / Apple Music £33pm (£792 total) @ Buymobiles
Refreshed 3rd AprRefreshed 3rd Apr
Finally the price has come down on the Galaxy Note 9. Decent offer with zero upfront cost, just use the code to clear the £129 at checkout. Code is ' 129NOTE9 ' or if the handset… Read more

Had response from TCB. TopCashback28 May 2019 Hi there, I’m writing to you to say that we have recently received a resolution for your claim from the retailer’s network agency. Unfortunately, it seems as though they have taken the decision to decline your claim as we have not been identified as the last channel to your sale. When a transaction is made through our site, we need to be identified as the point of origin and the last click of this sale, this means that we can be seen as the “correct channel” and will be awarded commission for directing you to the retailer’s site, we would then pass over 100% of the commission as cashback. When we have not been identified as the last click, we are not awarded any commission to be able to pass over to you as cashback. This can be down to any number of contributing factors, such as pre-saved baskets, not clearing cookies & cache, browser history, voucher codes, amongst many other things. There is a little more detail that you can find on the following link: I can only apologise about this, I can completely understand how disappointing it is to have your claim declined. Regrettably, as this decision is a solid declined resolution from the retailer’s network agency, we will be unable to dispute this any further and must consider this the final resolution. I’m sorry we couldn’t get a better outcome for your claim, I sincerely hope your future transactions run much more smoothly. Many thanks, Tom


Same. I presume its because we used a code.


mine declined today (annoyed)


Was anyone able to get tcb for this?


Not had anything like that, it's been fine

Huawei P30 £36 a month (24 months) 30GB data/unlimited calls.with EE Free Sonos 1 & 6 months BT Sport & Apple music £864 @ Buy Mobiles
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
The latest addition to the Huawei family, the P30. Enjoy generous 30GB data & no upfront cost for a reasonable £36 a month. With EE , one of the better mobile operators. Other … Read more
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Agreed, amazing phone


They did for the P30 Pro too I think! I don't know why the feel the need to, they already make one of the best, if not the best phones.


Still an awesome phone but Huawei do stuff like this all the time, they’ve been caught out twice using a DSLR for their P20 Pro and mate 20 pro photos, so there is that.


Thanks, that is very strange as they made a deal out of it being a "nice symetrical" design during the press conference!

ahmark55 Under Design section Paragraph 10

iPhone 8 64gb at 30gb/£33 month on EE with no upfront cost - Choice of colours @
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Only £33 a month for 30gb on EE with no upfront cost. Choice of colours

The price also includes 30gb data per month. As a fair price of £19 a month for the data it leaves £14 a month for the phone. £336 for an iPhone 8 .


Probably all Apple haters but this looks like a good deal to me.... a 30GB sim only deal would be around £19 a month, the handset costs around £600 divide that by 24 and thats £25 a month so that's £44 a month total. This deal saves £264 over the 2 year contract.


-194 and still no one has told me a better deal than this on an iPhone. Good luck with your Chinese android phones


Yhh You are right but look at how Samsung s9 is priced now £450-550 brand new with extra accessories if that with this 2 years old iPhone 8 which is £550 brand new atleast. IPhones hold the value no matter what Also best of luck getting that amazing huawei repaired ! Most shops won't even touch it


More and more people are waking up to the fact iPhones simply aren't worth the money with the likes of Huawei and honor for example making great phones for quite a bit less of your hard earned £'s

Google Pixel 3 64G EE 30GB DATA 24 Month Contract - Term - £792 @ BuyMobiles
Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Google Pixel 3 64G EE 30GB DATA 24 Month Contract - Term - £792 @ BuyMobiles
Google Pixel 3 64GB £33 per month / £792 contact term EE 30GB DATA No upfront cost 24 Month Contract Free deliver
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Only 100,000?


This deal makes my heart sing with the sound of one hundred thousand Angels!


It's the essential plan


Great deal. I can't figure out if you get the Essential Plan or the Max Plan ? EDIT: Once you go to checkout it comes up as the Essential Plan.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Black on EE Max - Unlimited Minutes & Texts, 20GB for £38pm with ZERO upfront using code (£912) @ BuyMobiles
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Samsung Galaxy S10e Black on EE Max - Unlimited Minutes & Texts, 20GB for £38pm with ZERO upfront using code (£912) @ BuyMobiles
Thought this was a decent offering for the new Samsung S10e, with zero upfront and 20GB data per month on the EE Max plan. In order to waive the upfront cost, you'll need to use … Read more

Great deal. EE max contract are not cheap.


People voting on this obviously don't understand the value of a MAX plan over a regular Essentials. Hot


Voted hot for EE Max and S10e


The sim is worth about £15pm, so really it's £552 for a bloody decent phone. I have gone for standard S10 because Samsung wouldn't allow me to trade my S9 against the S10e and I want the free ear buds. But I had a play with the S10e in store and I reckon it's the nicest of the bunch, nice and small but screen still as big as the S9, and finally a flat screen, I wish Samsung would drop the curved screen on all their flagships, in my opinion it's pointless. Shame there is no portrait mode on the S10e camera though.


Lmao. No just no (lol)

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB, Black - ZERO Upfront cost -  4GB 4G Data, Unltd Mins & Texts + FREE BT Sport + FREE Apple Music £25pm @ Buymobiles
Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB, Black - ZERO Upfront cost - 4GB 4G Data, Unltd Mins & Texts + FREE BT Sport + FREE Apple Music £25pm @ Buymobiles
Also get Apple Music FREE for 6 months, BT Sport Mobile FREE for 3 Months, If you have EE Broadband you'll get another 5GB Mobile Data free. Also EU Roaming of course (EE Network)… Read more

I got the s9 on black Friday on o2 refresh for £353 delivered including the 100 quid cashback from Samsung. I know there is t a time machine but use that as a baseline to ask yourself if this is really such a hot deal.



True that. I would of been very happy with the S9. Not convinced myself anything.


You probably won't know the difference either...but glad to see you have convinced yourself.


Voted hot as it's a good deal and to annoy @nich_o_las. What a moaner!

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