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Posted 18 November 2022

Buy/Own Season 1: Bottom - £3.99/ The Twilight Zone (1960) in HD £4.99/ Star Trek Original Series £4.99 @ Amazon Prime Video

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Season 1 of some timeless classics can be bought for a good price on Amazon Prime Video and keep in your library forever.

Six revolting episodes from the series starring notorious comedy duo, Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall. Episodes included are: 'Smells'; 'Gas'; 'Contest'; 'Apocalypse'; 'Bottoms Up'; and 'Accident'.

Twilight Zone

Small-time bookie Max Phillips hates his life. His only pride is his son, Pip, serving in the U.S. Armed Forces in Vietnam. When a young bettor uses company funds to bet with Max, then loses everything, Max returns his money, angering Max's bosses.

Star Trek Original Remastered

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Phasers, transporters, and warp drive. Yes, it all began here.

All the episodes from the 1960s sci-fi adventure series starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley. Season 1 episodes are: 'The Man Trap', 'Charlie X', 'Where No Man Has Gone Before', 'The Naked Time', 'The Enemy Within', 'Mudd's Women', 'What Are Little Girls Made Of?', 'Miri', 'Dagger of the Mind', The Corbomite Maneuver', 'The Menagerie: Part I', 'The Menagerie: Part II', 'The Conscience of the King', 'Balance of Terror', 'Shore Leave', 'The Galileo Seven', 'The Squire of Gothos', 'Arena', 'Tomorrow Is Yesterday', 'Court Martial', 'The Return of the Archons', 'Space Seed', 'A Taste of Armageddon', 'This Side of Paradise', 'The Devil in the Dark', 'Errand of Mercy', 'The Alternative Factor', 'The City On the Edge of Forever' and 'Operation - Annihilate!'

Hope it helps someone.
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    Do you get the DVDs?
    Oh no, it's in the Amazon ether somewhere......

    We all know how that's going, don't we?

    How much does old man Bezos care about the REAL WORLD AMAZON?
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    Should say buy not own
    Nobody ever owns anything bought on Amazon / Apple / Microsoft

    You buy the rights to watch it as long as they have them

    Buy discs, those i actually own
    I second that......