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Apple iPhone XS 256GB Gold - Grade Excellent - £509.95 @ Buyur
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Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
Apple iPhone XS 256GB Gold - Grade Excellent - £509.95 @ Buyur£509.95
256gb, excellent grade and in stock. Seems like a good deal.
Unlocked Apple iPhone 8 64GB Gold - Grade Good £179.95 @ Buyur
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Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Unlocked Apple iPhone 8 64GB Gold - Grade Good £179.95 @ Buyur£179.95
Can't grumble at that price, return if no good, mixed experiences from previous postings, but for £179.95, worth a blast Cheapest I've ever seen it 4.7 Inch Retina HD display … Read more

Active still @ £189.95. Size is good, big enough.


Wow, good deal




Could be that too. Personally I think it’s a great thing all round - the iPhone 6s, 7 (I know fishmaster won’t agree) and 8 are all solid handsets and a good first iPhone for many. The iPhone 8 with A11 is still very powerful and for under £200 is a steal. Most of what the 9 will bring is a faster chipset that’s arguably ‘too powerful’ for the phone it’s going into.


It’ll be the new phone coming out next month as well, sellers want to sell up before the phones drop more. Look at Samsung, more phones makes them cheaper in the long run (demand supply and all that lark)

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 - £20.12 Delivered @ Buyur
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Posted 13th JanPosted 13th Jan
Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 - £20.12 Delivered @ Buyur£20.12£34.9942%
Excellent price In addition to body weight, it also gives you a realistic picture of your health and fitness with 13 data points, such as body composition, muscle volume etc. H… Read more

Don't blame you mate


OH well, they won't be getting my money now


Gotcha! Thanks!


Does anyone know if this model would be compatible with myfitnesspal?



Apple iPhone XS 256GB Silver Renewed Grade Good Condition Smartphone £429.95 @ Buyur
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Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Apple iPhone XS 256GB Silver Renewed Grade Good Condition Smartphone £429.95 @ Buyur£429.95
Good price, not a bad description. If its no good though you can return. :) Good - These devices have been put through our testing process and are in full working order, they… Read more

Just got mine and it looks like it's been rubbed with sand paper


Bought through amazon from Buyur, phone was heavily scratched but they didn’t think it was that bad. They wouldn’t send me a returns label and for weeks I argued about it until they finally came and got a courier collect it. I don’t think they would have have done this if amazon wasn’t involved. Customer service wasn’t that bad, like send above if your not happy with it you will probably have to return it at your own cost.


I did not want a refund as the price i got was 399 then they put price up so works out well for me they did say they shipped it back to me today..


Ok, I had a phone with a dodgy loudspeaker (well it worked but it rattled), got a response within a few hours and it's been returned fine now. But that's why I wanted to know what they did to you. 3 weeks for a repair seems ridiculous, why didn't you insist on a refund?


Been waiting 3 weeks for a repair and will not reply to emails..had to phone them numerous times to get a reply..

Renewed Apple iPhone XS 64GB Gold £399 @ Buyur
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Posted 19th Dec 2019Posted 19th Dec 2019
Renewed Apple iPhone XS 64GB Gold £399 @ Buyur£399
Non too shabby price. Described as renewed. Our iPhones have been fully refurbished to work like new. They come sim-free and unlocked, allowing for use with any UK network provid… Read more£

Ah ok. No drama... will keep my eyes peeled. Probably go for new as I can claim the vat back. Just need one to hit £650 (ish) and they I’ll bite! Cheers


Its from Buyur on ebay buddy, I can send you the link if you like but I'm guessing you don't want it.


Ah crap, I ordered one earlier. Thanks for letting us know£

do you have a link? Still after a 64GB XS if one is available, just not from here, their site is poor and they messed me about. One minute they could issue a VAT invoice, next minute they called to say they did it by mistake as no VAT is applicable. Their site was wrong in several places... seen like a poor set-up TBH


Ah, hmm... I'll expire then. Thanks :) I'll post them from ebay, cheaper anyway.

IPhone XS 256GB Smartphone £459.95 Good Refurbished Condition + More @ Buyur
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Posted 5th Dec 2019Posted 5th Dec 2019
IPhone XS 256GB Smartphone £459.95 Good Refurbished Condition + More @ Buyur£459.95
Get deal link takes you to all xs/XS max Cheaper than amazon's Buyur prices, but grades vary Good - These devices have been put through our testing process and are in full work… Read more

TBF, on the link it does say 'Good - These devices have been put through our testing process and are in full working order, they are likely to have noticeable scratches and marks but will not have any dents'


Damn sorry mate, it really is a complete lottery what they send :(


Returning mine. A couple of deep scratches across the entire screen and slot of scuffs all over it


Only slightly more from music magpie, I’ve never been let down by their grading, and had great service too.


That's the real issue here, and with all eBay sellers listing iPhones as "refurbished". Whether they've actually used genuine Apple parts.

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4G LTE Version Nokia 8110 4G Mobile Phone 2018, Yellow - £34.56 Delivered @ Buyur
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Posted 9th Oct 2019Posted 9th Oct 2019
4G LTE Version Nokia 8110 4G Mobile Phone 2018, Yellow - £34.56 Delivered @ Buyur£34.56
Effortlessly import contacts and sync your calendar through Gmail and Outlook You can surf, chat and stream faster with 4G LTE. Plus, the wireless Hotspot feature lets you create … Read more

Now you're just showing off! :D


This has WhatsApp available with the current software (y)


My 9 year old daughters first phone and she's :) with it


I remember when this came out in the day! it was pricey! something ridiculous. Like £400! Crazy Just because the bottom would spring out and of course when you answer the phone you were zapped back from the matrix and you were met by Laurence Fishburne with sunglasses on that were far too small for his head! It was of course a bargain! and it had "original" snake!!! (y)



C2G USB Hub - USB - External  £9.88 Delivered @ Buyer
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Posted 3rd Oct 2019Posted 3rd Oct 2019
C2G USB Hub - USB - External £9.88 Delivered @ Buyer£9.88£28.9966%
Our aluminum hub conveniently adds four high speed USB 2.0 ports to your desktop or laptop computer. The slim form factor saves space while the port placement and hard-mountable me… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

We know


I can't say much, I don't ever post deals, just critique them


was a random one for me.cannot get them all right.thanks for your comments.


Merchant name is incorrect Price is awful for the product

Finlux 500GB Freeview HD T7655 PVR Set Top Box £34.95 @ Buyur
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Posted 20th Sep 2019Posted 20th Sep 2019
Finlux 500GB Freeview HD T7655 PVR Set Top Box £34.95 @ Buyur£34.95
Finlux 500GB HD Freeview hard disc recorder/receiver. Cheap n' cheerful, made by Vestel, seems to get fair reviews on Amazon. Similar 1TB version was posted recently for £54.95 … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I use an old sky repeater which is plugged in next to my BT box, giving it an internet connection. We have 2 of the BT boxes, they have been great for us. One is probably 3 years old with the other about 2 years old.


An absolutely rock solid Humax/BT 500GB box (def two tuners) plus all the catchup players and remote record by Android etc £35 with 2yr warranty or total £36.50 delivered Optional catchup & remote record requires web connection; the FV tuners don't (unless you want the FV channels served by web).


Looking to get a new PVR / DVR for my mum she has no internet and i dont think she will ever go on the internet so was looking at the best DVR / PVR that would work for her


I thought it was Freeview HD?


you can run it with out internet for Freeview only the players are not great now TV is SD for starters

NOKIA 2.1 grey, dual sim VoLTE support, 5.5" display (16:9), 4000mAh battery, SD425, stereo front speakers, Pie Go edition at Buyur
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Posted 15th Sep 2019Posted 15th Sep 2019
NOKIA 2.1 grey, dual sim VoLTE support, 5.5" display (16:9), 4000mAh battery, SD425, stereo front speakers, Pie Go edition at Buyur£59.85£9940%
Great price for this model of Nokia Nokia 2.1 - Grey / Silver Large 5.5" HD Display - The Nokia 2.1 amplifies your viewing experience with a 5.5" (13.97 cm) HD screen Two-Day Bat… Read more

This would make a good second phone but it needs to be lower in price like maybe £29.99 to £39.99 considering the specs


I think the Nokia 2.1 Pro Max will get it in the next software patch. :p


Is it a Nokia Symbian feature phone with big buttons and very small screen?😁


Is it 5g?


I installed Google go apps , but they had very limited functionality, so uninstall ed all. This is only suitable for third world countries as upgrade to old Nokia feature phone s. Waste of money for me if I bought it as my dear ones would not be happy with this downgrade(vice upgrade)

Oppo AX7 Glaze Blue 64GB 4230mAh Battery £152.13 Delivered @ Buyur
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Posted 18th Aug 2019Posted 18th Aug 2019
Oppo AX7 Glaze Blue 64GB 4230mAh Battery £152.13 Delivered @ Buyur£152.13£159.995%
Next best is carphone warehouse at £159.99 With a tenner cashback, but as an outright price, this is currently the cheapest. Not a bad price … Read more

Had my first experience of xiaomi when I got one for my girlfriend, and I was blown away by the build quality and updates, had a Huawei at the time and It was only a 18 months old but was a year out of date with security updates but the xiaomi was upto date and still is!


Note 7 can be had for a mere £30 more Spend a little bit more and get a Better screen, SOC, USB-C, camera, longer updates 720p vs 1080p Snap 450 vs 660 Superior Sensor on the camera Micro USB vs USB C Oppo has quite a poor update record on their midrangers so their low end is probably worse Or spend less and get a redmi 7 which still beats this AX7 in camera, SOC and updates. Cheapest price for this phone but its still bad value imo as xiaomi and honor with their 10 lite destory this phone so cold for me personally


So is xiaomi.


Although not for me, Oppo are huge in Asia.


It is blown away by too much in this price range. Target price is towards 100. Whilst Oppo sells at a more premium price it is relatively unknown in the UK

Oppo Reno Z Purple 128GB Smartphone £283.44 Delivered @ Buyur
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Posted 17th Aug 2019Posted 17th Aug 2019
Oppo Reno Z Purple 128GB Smartphone £283.44 Delivered @ Buyur£283.44£299.996%
Good price, £20 cheaper than I've seen it recently. The Reno z's powerful camera lies concealed within the flawless contours of its 3D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 surface. With its… Read more

The reno Z does have 128gb at this price which is quite nice although it could be slower emmc storage compared to the faster UFS 2.1 used by the 9T although I can't find sources on that yet. If someone doesn't need more than 64gb (like me, I have a 128gb phone with 33gb used) then the 9T would be a better offer.


From what I can tell, the 64GB Mi 9T from is ~329EUR or ~£299 at the moment, so this is cheaper and has double the storage. Is there an offer available from somewhere as I can't seem to find one?


Good phone but if your willing to order from amazon spain the MI 9T would be a much better buy. Heat added since its still a decent phone for the price


Has anyone seen the one with the second screen on the back !? <3 *thought was an Oppo but it's a ZTE


The fact the Jiffy was too small is ridiculous, what is the point?! Just let people print out their own prepaid returns label. With change of mind returns they force you to use their own label and deduct around £5 if you buy from, I wanted to return something once but because of the idiotic returns process I sold it on instead. Xiaomi really needs to improve its delivery and after sales experience to do well in the UK.

Samsung EP-N6100 Wireless Charger Duo (Latest) £29.95 Delivered @ Buyur
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Posted 20th Jun 2019Posted 20th Jun 2019
Samsung EP-N6100 Wireless Charger Duo (Latest) £29.95 Delivered @ Buyur£29.95£36.9419%
Excellent price for this, never been below £50 I don't think. Can fast charge two Samsung phones or a phone and the smartwatch. Half of the charger is designed to prop up the… Read more

Damn, gone up to £39.95 now


Nope. It's in a fixed position


does the phone one lay down flat too?


any third party devices which are better for same money??


Stupid comment. Like saying the charger needs to be plugged in for it to charge with a lead. Duh (confused)

Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm) Space Grey Aluminium Watch Case 16GB GPS + Cellular with Dark Olive Sport Loop £232.40 @ Buyur
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Posted 1st Jun 2019Posted 1st Jun 2019
Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm) Space Grey Aluminium Watch Case 16GB GPS + Cellular with Dark Olive Sport Loop £232.40 @ Buyur£232.40£29922%
Answer a call from your surfboard. Ask Siri to send a message. Stream your favorite songs on your run. And do it all while leaving your phone behind. Introducing Apple Watch Series… Read more



I think this is a good deal (thanks OP) but why no :)


Cheers zany angel x


Nice find (y)

AirPods - £134.95 @ Buyur
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
AirPods - £134.95 @ Buyur£134.95
Including free 3-5 day shipping.

Read his above post..


Hi Mudlark do you have a code? Thanks


No, delivery is free from O2, so it's still cheaper (and quicker) to get them from there even if you pay for a Unidays code.


Just get it from here £129.99 with free delivery so it is cheaper than the o2 + UniDays code because you have to pay for £4 or more delivery on there.


Hi all! I've had so many requests for codes and I've tried to give everyone a code ASAP, but it has ended up taking quite a lot of my time to reply to everyone and wait for new codes etc, so I've decided to shake it up a little! I have listed an auction on eBay where you can purchase a code for 99p with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. If you'd like a code please purchase via the link or send me a PM with your promise that you've donated to charity and I'll send you a code on here. Thanks!

Motorola Moto X4 32GB with 3GB RAM (Dual Sim) UK Sim-Free Smartphone - Sterling Blue @ Amazon + Buyur - £199.95
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Posted 30th Aug 2018Posted 30th Aug 2018
Motorola Moto X4 32GB with 3GB RAM (Dual Sim) UK Sim-Free Smartphone - Sterling Blue @ Amazon + Buyur - £199.95£199.95
Thought this was a good price. Advanced dual rear camera system From wide-angle landscapes to seriously stunning portraits, dual lenses elevate every shot. The 12 MP camera us… Read more

I know (nerd) it just worked straight out the box, from what info I can find online it sounds like a recent thing xiaomi have added, so may well be on the other recent devices as well. I'm on ID and EE


Great news! Did you have to do anything special or does it just work out the box? What network are you using? - I'm on EE


I just bought a Pocophone and I am delighted to find that it supports dual 4G, also VoLTE (y)


Hi, you just need to format your SD card as an internal memory and then you can move it. It works this way with Moto G⁴ too


You're probably right, hardware cost alone is often a small part of the overall retail price with support, logistics, R&D etc. Plus perhaps some help from the government to get the products out there to smash the competition! Still remarkable really, what you get for a few hundred pounds

SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring microSDHC 32GB £12.86 @
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Posted 7th Aug 2018Posted 7th Aug 2018
SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring microSDHC 32GB £12.86 @£12.86
Ideal for dashcams and home video monitoring cameras. Specially developed for high endurance applications Up to 10,000 hours of Full HD video recording (64GB) and up to 5,000 hou… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

You can buy this micro SD card for £6.49 on EBay.


On, i just saw the little yellow sign by them now, 2 for £16, i had to do another search though because your link didn't work, then I put 2 in my cart and boom, it said £16 nice (y)


Could you supply the exact link because the one you gave isn't working anymore at all now and when i searched for it and added 2 to the basket it gives me a £19 something amount..


Yes they are still 2 for £16 I just checked!


bbfb123: Cold all day long this one. I got 2x 32gb uhs1 u1 samsung memory cards from mymemory very recently for £16 delivered. Still available here - They're not £16 for 2 now, i just checked, but on they're doing the 64gb one for £14. 99, check it out Samsung Evo plus 64gb £14.99

SanDisk High Endurance Micro SD Card - 32gb (Dashcam and IP Camera) £14.14 @ Buyur
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Posted 18th Jul 2018Posted 18th Jul 2018
SanDisk High Endurance Micro SD Card - 32gb (Dashcam and IP Camera) £14.14 @ Buyur£14.14
Only 15p more than the previous deal posted at PicStop which is now unavailable. Not used this shop before but they seem legit as they have a UK address, phone number and accept Pa… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Mine too.


Mine arrived today . Thanks for posting


Just got a shipping notification for mine.


Cheers, ordered 2 via PayPal.


It is the only SD Card that Sandisk will give warranty on if used in a Dashcam, I fell foul with a normal card with my dashcam from Costco. That came with the card, so Sandisk replaced it as a "one off" but told me to get the correct card to use in the dashcam. So good price for that.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 12.000mAh (Kit Fresh) £23.28 @ Buyur
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Posted 24th May 2018Posted 24th May 2018
Qualcomm Quick Charge 12.000mAh (Kit Fresh) £23.28 @ Buyur£23.28
+Qualcomm Quick Charge 12.000mAH +On the Wuntu 3 app last week at £29.99 +Charge 2 devices simultaneously! +4 full charges of most phones +Login and pay with Amazon +Free Delivery
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Qualcomm 2.0 according to the box. Why is it so expensive?

LG Ultrawide 34UM68-P £299.99 @ Buyer
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Posted 18th Apr 2018Posted 18th Apr 2018
LG Ultrawide 34UM68-P £299.99 @ Buyer£299.99£311.024%
Been looking for an LG ultrawide for a while, I posted a few weeks back the price drop on Amazon but this is now the first time I've seen an LG 34' ultrawide below the £300 price p… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

You are correct on the technical details but for productivity needs (programming) the ppi is perfectly fine. Obviously it's not going to fit the bill for video production or gaming but you wouldn't be looking at a sub £800 ultrawide if this was your use case, you'd most likely be looking at 4k 144mhz+ monitors.


You have lost me. I was only pointing out that a 34"=27" nothing more but as its not for you then not really a big deal.


You have completely lost me. The LG Ultrawide 34UM68-P in this deal is 34" monitor at 2560x1080, in my view that is far too low a resolution for a monitor of this size. Weather its a 34" or 27" 1080p on monitor of that size has to low a PPI for some peoples liking including me. Redit quote: 1920x1080 on a 27" screen has pretty much the same PPI (Pixel Per Inch - Pixel density) as 2560x1080 on a 34"/35".


Yes but the screen isnt 34" = 27" on a ultrawide.


This is great price, I saw one in us for 300 dollars