Buzz Quiz TV (Solus) PS3 £10 @ Sainsburys In-store
Buzz Quiz TV (Solus) PS3 £10 @ Sainsburys In-store

Buzz Quiz TV (Solus) PS3 £10 @ Sainsburys In-store

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Was in my local Sainsburys (St. Albans Retail Park) and they had Buzz Quiz TV for the PS3, without the buzzers, for £10, think they had a few on the shelf. This might be store specific...


only 5 in comet if they have stock, aylesbury still had one
fab game though
not voting either way

They also had one of these in Milton Keynes. Anything else worthwhile in St Albans OP?

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uncharted drakes fortune for £10 too, and i think ratchet & clank, but didnt think they were worth posting...

None in my mearest store x

So is this deal for comet or sainsburys then?

How do you play this game without the buzzers?



How do you play this game without the buzzers?Mat.

You can't, but if you have a set of buzzers from the PS2 version you can use them with this. As they keep selling off the PS2 versions for £5-10 you'll pay less this way and have 2 games. Personally I prefer the wired versions of the buzzers too, you might spend time untangling the wires but don't have the time/cost of having to keep changing batteries.

had this in comet a few weeks ago for £5

is there actually a games sale on at sainsburys or is it just the odd titles cos i read another post with someone finding a wario game and res evil 4 for a tenner each at sainsburys too

went to sainsburys in wakefield and nothing what so ever :-( no cheap games of any kind

Picked up a copy of this today from my local Sainsburys for £10. They wanted £47.99 for the game and buzzers, so instead just got the game, and picked up a set of wired buzzers for £5 from cex. :thumbsup:

none in soton branches for that price
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