Buzz Wireless Buzzers PS2/PS3 £18 @ HMV

Buzz Wireless Buzzers PS2/PS3 £18 @ HMV

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Found 21st Dec 2009
Went into HMV, Market Street, Manchester at the weekend and picked up a set of Buzz Wireless Buzzers for £18, reduced from £34.99. These are wireless and seem a pretty good deal. Not sure if this is nationwide but most of the instore deals recently have been, had loads in stock!

Can't see these online.


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just noticed these have already been posted a couple of weeks ago

Seriously tempted by these. I love Buzz, especially at Christmas and there's nothing worse than tidying up the wires after a few pints.

A bit off topic, but does anybody know if you can buy something like this for the Wii?

Morrisons are currently selling the wired remotes for £6.99 for PS2, I don't know if these work on PS3.

the wired controllers do work on PS3 - i picked up some pre-owned ones when I first got Quiz World in order to play 8 player games. I'm not sure I can justify the extra expense for 4 more wireless controllers given the rarity of getting 8 players together for a game, but this is definitely a good deal.

Wired remotes can be had on eBay for £3.99 or so. I was jammy and picked up the buzzers, Big Quiz and Millionaire for £12 from a local Cash Converters.

Like OmniGod, I don't think I can justify more buzzers!

Anyone know if this offer is still on?

Anyone got the wireless ones for sale?

just been in and they are now £36. boo! expired.
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