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By Amazon Vodka 1L for £15.44 @ Amazon

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Was 16.29. Cheaper than Tesco

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A classic vodka with a clean neutral flavour; enjoy neat, on the rocks or as the base to a cocktail.

Six times distilled spirit forms the base for this exquisite product.

  • A classic vodka with a clean neutral flavour
  • Triple distilled for a smooth finish
  • UK alcohol units: 0.9 per 25ml serving, 37.5 per bottle
  • 37.5% vol
  • 40 Servings
  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets
  • Produced and bottled in the UK

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Please drink responsibly; visit Drinkaware for more advice.
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    Lidl triple distilled vodka, £14.27 per litre
    lidl.co.uk/p/s…790 (edited)
    £14.59 now, just gone up, cost of living crisis hitting me hard.
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    Cheers op just bought one with vermouth for martinis. Although the alcohol is only 37.5% something to keep in mind.
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    How can it be cheaper than Tesco, do Tesco stock Amazon's own brand vodka? (edited)
    Think they meant it's cheaper than Tesco's own brand 😴
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    Cheaper than any 1ltr you'll get in Scotland or Wales due to minimum pricing, so very handy (edited)
    Wales and Scotland has MUP, England does not have MUP.
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    37,5% alkohol, it's vodka flavoured water...
    Agree,minimum alcohol amount in vodka should be 40%
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    Tastes just like vodka…
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    Some branded 1L options available for £16 at Asda/Sainsburys etc.. if you want to show off your drinks shelf
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    Has anyone tried this? Any feedback?
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    Nice1 will save me money that
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    Extracted from the sweat of their overworked warehouse staff
    Eau de Pallet*

    *pronounced "Pallay"
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    Who is the Original Manufacturer ? I have lots of Russian Standard Vodka bought for Sainsbury's for £11 per bottle bought 2-3 years ago . Wish Vodka had Vintage value like Wine 🍷. (edited)
    Most are UK distilled, even the russian ones
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    37.5% ?

    Thougth Vodka had to be 40% really
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    While on topic of Vodka. Can someone advise whether the rumour is true. Lidl or Aldi's version is up there with Grey Goose?

    Also vodka does taste better depending on how much you pay for it. Most are just used to paint stripper vodka (edited)
    Aldi one is close, not tried the Lidl one
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    I know there were multiple rumours that the costco one was Grey goose but apparantly not.

    I think the one youre talking about is the french grain vodke from lidl, which is meant to be really good
    The Costco 1.75l French is damn smooth, if not GG (they wouldn't admit it if it was true) it is damn close. Always pick up a bottle when on a shop as at £35ish is good value.
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    If Aldi is closer and you're not in Scotland a litre of theirs is £14.39
    I have it with Their rip off Pepsi Max for 47p!
    Tastes just like Smirnoff and most of the others to me
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    Even if you don't drink the stuff, mix with some cold water and make some decent de-icer with it 👌
    Or save some money and use hot water!
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    Lets face it, as most people will just shove coke in with their vodka, and it doesn't really matter if it's Grey Goose or Russian Peasant Moonshine strained with a Babushkas pantyhose in a Ukrainian trench, it will taste the same and do the same job.
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