ByteStor 2GB SD Card - £8.22 @ Amazon !

ByteStor 2GB SD Card - £8.22 @ Amazon !

Found 24th Feb 2007
ByteStor 2GB SD Card - £8.22 @ Amazon !

Free delivery on all orders over £15.

Description : ByteStor SD cards are produced to the highest standards using high-quality components to ensure reliability and compatibility. SDMI Compliant


good deal

Excellent deal.
even gone down a bit ... 8.22 now.

Still waiting for a 4gb though hehe

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Bought one just before xmas and paid a lot more....
These work in a Kodak DX7630. I bought a 133x Veho one so I had a faster one. That did not.

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Thanks guys


Excellent deal.even gone down a bit ... 8.22 now.

Thanks Cyrus, updating the OP :thumbsup:

Alot of non-SDHC stuff being gotten rid of to make room for new 4gb/8gb SD cards on the way to damage that wallet of yours.


Does anyone know if this will work in the wii?

I want to buy Zelda on the Virtual Console but I think I need something like this first to save games?


Its weird how SDHC stuff is not backwards compatible ... will mean older devices have a maximum SD card they can use.
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