BYTESTOR 'Data Ferry' 16GB USB Memory Stick £17.49 @ Amazon
BYTESTOR 'Data Ferry' 16GB USB Memory Stick £17.49 @ Amazon

BYTESTOR 'Data Ferry' 16GB USB Memory Stick £17.49 @ Amazon

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Agreed that 50p off is not going to set the world alight - but if you're in the market for a USB memory stick then this is THE best budget stick on the market - (far superior then that awfully slow PLAY.com one)

Quick (Transfer speeds of 15MB/s Write and 30MB/s Read )
Durable tough plastic casing

Ideal for moving files quickly and efficiently between devices in your electronic devices.

Personally - I use mine for transfering files from my laptops and PS3. The stick has had years of abuse - from being bashed about in the bottom of handbags to being thrown across rooms. Still working!


Play.com are doing 16 gb for 14.99 today only.

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I am aware - but you'll be waiting until the cows come home before it finishes copying your files on to it.
It takes an hour to write 16 GB on to that one
£2.50 more for 20 mins on this one.

Over it's lifetime I think you'll agree that the time saved will pay for itself.

Can someone tell me if this is as fragile as mentioned in some of the amazon reviews? I.e. will it last for general wear & tear...

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it's actually quite durable plastic - the loop at the end of the cap may snap with some force.

RE: Amazon reviews - there was one review that said the guy was backing up his data and his toddler pulled out the stick and it snapped in half. I find that incredible unless his toddler is on steroids and is training for the 2020 Olympics.

It's as solid as anything made of thick plastic. And yes, I have tried to 'flex' it - which it doesn't.

Cheers for that. One last question re the quoted speed figures... are these official bytestor figures or self tests?

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Geek/user tests.
I don't think bytestor have given official fiigures - but it is also dependant on your PC/Mac, programs running, capability etc.
I was going to quote a 2 year warranty on it - but i can't seem to find the link to it on the amazon website - I know they offer a no quibble refund though.

top man cheers again.


Now £16.99
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