C-Time App - Free @ Apple App Store

C-Time App - Free @ Apple App Store

Posted 12th Jun
Your time is precious. C-Time is the App that helps you see, how much of your valuable time you spend at certain places.

Do you ever wonder how much time you spend at work, at your school or in your gym?

C-Time works with geofence system and will automatically record your time being in your defined places per day, month and year.

All this works automatically, without any need to start the app and press any buttons. Whenever you drive / walk into your defined places, C-Time will register your entering and start counting the time you spend at this place. When you leave this place C-Time will automatically stop counting.


• automatically register your time you spend at your places

• show you a notification when you arrive or leave a place with summary information

• manually start and stop the counting

• edit / modify the recorded times

• export / email your time data

• post your time in social media: facebook / twitter / sina weibo

With C-Time app you easy track your valuable time you spend at your office, gym or wherever you are interested in.

The automatic mode needs the geofence system and is working with:

• iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and newer.


□ The automatic mode runs at it's best, when you have wifi enabled on your phone.

□ C-Time uses the same feature (geofence) as Apple uses in the “Reminders” app.
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This sounds like hell.
Yikes. Advanced data tracking can be very revealing. No thank you, I’d rather keep my own notes.
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