CA Anti-Virus 2007 - 1 Year Free Trial

CA Anti-Virus 2007 - 1 Year Free Trial

Found 6th Feb 2007
Click here to register for a free 1 year trial of CA Anti-Virus 2007. (normally $49.99US per year)

CA Internet Security Suite 2007 - FREE
All the Computer Security You Need
Prevent Theft of Personal Data
Stops Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spyware & more
Prevents Hacker Attacks
Blocks Pop-ups
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Avast! and AVG are unlimited free use and very powerful, especially AVG which is very light on system resources.
Signed up for this a month ago, as it was the only free av I could get to work under 64bit Windows Vista. Not perfect, but does the job.

And as mentioned by dark_ixion AVG is also a very good product.

Good post.
Spent a year with AVG - the updates kept minimising my full screen apps which crashed when I tried to maximise them again.

Installed Avast!, found 4 viruses off the bat that AVG didnt, and has never bothered me like AVG did.
you could also try:

PC Tools AntiVirus™ 3.1 Free Edition

PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition feature highlights

* Protects your PC as you are working, surfing and playing
* Detects, quarantines, disinfects and destroys Viruses, Trojans and Worms
* OnGuard™ protects your computer against threats in real-time
* Automatically checks for frequent updates against the latest threats…exe
I would stick to AVG free - CA one is not easy to uninstall from your system.
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