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Dymo Label Writer 4XL Label Printer S0904960 - £187.73 @ Caboodle Office Supplies
Posted 29th AugPosted 29th Aug

Yup! You are not the only one................that cannot see this deal for what it is...a bargain! Too many people are too quick to judge/vote on the perceived expense of an item as opposed to whether it is a cheaper than the normal price, which is where the "deal" is. (confused) But that's the fickleness of 'some' HUKDers. Most do understand that an item priced at £187.73, which currently costs £232.27 on Amazon (which is normally cheaper than anywhere else) is a £44 saving on the usual Amazon price. Look at when there's a cucumber for 59p on HUKD and it hits 1000 degrees and it's a saving of 50p? (confused) That's the ficlklenes I'm on about. This 'deal' has nothing to do with how cheap you can personally do the same thing, it's about cost the of the item itself and whether it's cheaper or dearer than anywhere else. You do it your way and some of us will do it the right, better way! ;) Good luck with your business too BTW! (y)


Further details...?


It's a couple of mins effort for the 4 or 5 parcels I send a week (which is probably more than the average person). Hardly a major inconvenience. I've no doubt this would make it faster, but personally I'm of the view that the cost doesn't justify the minor saving in time and effort. And judging by the temperature of this 'deal', I'm not the only one.


Added heat. Good price for this item when stocks are thin on the ground. I’ve just gone for a Brother equivalent though. If you send a lot of parcels the hassle this saves copying/pasting and/or cutting out and sticking is well worth it.


What a faff! I'll admit though that I used to do something similar.................over 10 years ago! (shock) Probably took a good 60-90 seconds from swapping over A4 paper to A4 labels, taking screenshot, cropping, pasting, printing and finally attaching to parcel as opposed to 2 seconds with my first Dymo 450 printer (for regular address label). But time moves on and investing a small amount of money in a Dymo 4XL label printer will streamline the that onerous process even further and save even more of time (the one thing you cannot make more of), with a 6" x 4" taking less than 5 seconds from clicking print to attaching label (confused) But horses for courses guess!

48 Toilet Roll Pack - Maxima Green 200 Sheet Toilet Roll White £13.21 delivered Caboodle Office Supplies
189° Expired
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
48 Toilet Roll Pack - Maxima Green 200 Sheet Toilet Roll White £13.21 delivered Caboodle Office Supplies£13.21
Description: Product Type - Toilet Roll Colour - White Product Family - Everyday Green Product - Yes In The Box - 1 x Maxima Toilet Roll Recycled 2-Ply 200 Sheets (Pack of 48… Read more
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:) chill take a seat relax and let business take its course and roll with the banter (popcorn)


That may be true but the delivery fee makes it more


It wasn’t funny until I read your comment lol


48 Rolls / 9 per pack is 5.3333 packs £1.90 at tesco per pack of 9 £1.9 x 5.3333 is £10.1333 Therefore at Tesco you get the equivalent amount for £10.13


Why is it funny to draw a sh*t? It's absolutely pathetic

Glitch Free Xerox A4 Paper - YES FREE :-) @ Caboodle office supplies
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Posted 13th Jul 2018Posted 13th Jul 2018
Glitch Free Xerox A4 Paper - YES FREE :-) @ Caboodle office suppliesFREE£9.99
Simply add 10 or more to the basket and go through checkout to get for free, no payment or card details required. I know it works as I've already had 2 boxes of 5 reams delivered,… Read more
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Order showing as cancelled.


I got the same Matt, but nothing arrived yet, you?


No points rewarded and cancelled order


Mine was cancelled as well :( I've emailed them a right of erasure request under GDPR to see how they'd react ;)


Order cancelled however I have been awarded some points...250 maybe that could be used towards something?

Folder Dividers A4 Multi-Punched 10-Part 31p @ Caboodle
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Posted 16th Jan 2018Posted 16th Jan 2018
Folder Dividers A4 Multi-Punched 10-Part 31p @ Caboodle£0.31
Q-Connect Subject Dividers. Colour coded, multi-punched dividers suitable for use in most types of binders. Individually shrink wrapped to ensure dividers are kept in good conditio… Read more

DELIVERY charge for orders under £30 ex Vat is £3.30 + VAT. orders over £30 + VAT for free delivery

Duracell Batteries AAA Pack of 4 - Caboodle - £1.79
-22° Expired
Posted 7th Mar 2012Posted 7th Mar 2012
Duracell Batteries AAA Pack of 4 - Caboodle - £1.79£1.79
Duracell Batteries MN2400 AAA Pack of 4 Duracell Batteries Long lasting and dependable power. For use in a wide range of everyday appliances to give a significant improvement and … Read more
Nintendo DSi XL blue  £113.99 delivered from Caboodle
38° Expired
Posted 30th Jun 2011Posted 30th Jun 2011
Nintendo DSi XL blue £113.99 delivered from Caboodle£113.99
Best price I could find, good £20 cheaper then anywhere else I could find. Only available in Blue at this price
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all sold out


Funny how a lot of people voted cold, yet can't back up their reasons. brought it yesterday at 4.30pm and received it this morning 11am, brand new and no problems. So the supplier is kosher and price very good. Contrast that to price mismatch with Game fiasco, where they sold at £99, and disapppointed a lot of people. Their preowned price is higher at £129.99


Voted hot.Any cold voters please state where they can find cheaper rather than just voting cold cos they prefer the 3ds.


An online retailer.


I think people just expect this to be cheaper by now because of the 3DS, but the reality is that this is actually quite popular and has some great reviews... so at this price its a good deal. Cant really see this drop in price in a big way until a 3DS XL is released, that is if nintendo can fix the problems they seem to be having with the 3DS. Maybe people will just opt for the wii u (still a stupid name lol)

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Epson SX515W All in one Printer WIFI £53.99 Delivered
-26° Expired
Posted 15th Jun 2011Posted 15th Jun 2011
Epson SX515W All in one Printer WIFI £53.99 Delivered£53.99
Epson Stylus SX515W Multifunction Inkjet Colour Printer C11CA48311 The Epson Stylus SX515W is a fast, high-quality all-in-one with integrated Wi-Fi, a large 6.3 cm LCD viewer and … Read more

I bought this printer a few months ago and it is great apart from problems with the wifi. I got fed up with seemingly wasting my time trying to get it to work so just plug into laptop when needed. Can someone tell me the best place to get good and cheap compatible inks for this printer?


According to the OP they had 1555 in stock three days ago! I wonder where they went? Most probably threw them all away after they read the comments on here!


Had no problems with this printer, wireless set up was a breeze and compatible inks have been fine for me using windows 7. "This product is no longer in the catalog." is all I get for this deal though


Had this printer for six months. No problems with Win 7 or Vista. I'm using cheap compatible cartridges, again no problems. Bought one for my daughter's Mac- she loves it too. Best printer I've ever had.


I have this printer and think it is great, like simplyjimbo I do not want to tempt fate, but I also have it running from windows 7 and vista without problem and have always used mega cheap compatibles from ebay without a hitch. Like ajmuir I have mine with a static IP address. The only negative I have come across is that the photocopy function is soooo slow.

Epson 4-In-1 Duplex Colour Inkjet Printer BX625FWD - £36.20 delivered - Caboodle - 82% OFF!
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Posted 12th Apr 2011Posted 12th Apr 2011
Epson 4-In-1 Duplex Colour Inkjet Printer BX625FWD - £36.20 delivered - Caboodle - 82% OFF!£36.20
Great All-in-one printer with some great features. Inks are a bit pricey, but compatibles avilable at less than £20 for 4 from the bay. Have been looking for a new all in one, and … Read more
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I might have to email them as i'm still waiting for one


Thanks to Caboodle, I got mine delivered as well.


Got mine delivered too. Nice one Caboodle!


Ditto! Awesome thank you.


I have received one of them, Not sure where the other is though!

CD Radio Micro System with Ipod Dock £39.40 at
-20° Expired
Posted 30th Nov 2010Posted 30th Nov 2010
CD Radio Micro System with Ipod Dock £39.40 at£39.40
Memorex CD Radio Micro system with Ipod dock, includes free next day delivery (ordered one yesterday, received today). If ordering as a gift these don't arrive covered so you can … Read more

has quite a few bad reviews on amazon... shame cos its a good price and could;ve been a great deal


Scratch that, seems it IS a memorex player!! I'm thinking of the bigger model with slot-loading CD and a big readout.


Heat, don't know how this compares to Memorex's CD player with ipod dock, seen cheap around these parts. Great price.


This is around £60 everywhere else, £129 at HMV! can sell for £60-70 on ebay ... cold voting sheep don't have a clue.

60° Expired
Posted 16th Aug 2010Posted 16th Aug 2010
Lexmark C543DN A4 Colour Laser Printer 26B0035 Inc 4 FREE Toners In addition to high-quality colour and rapid print speeds, the Lexmark C543dn ships with a 2,000-page colour toner… Read more
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More than the printer! However these ship with 2K cartriges so an excellent deal (at Printerbase or Printerland not the posted deal). Printerbase have it at the same price as Printerland. I have used Printerbase in the past and the service has always been excellent.


cost of toner?


That's a great price!


£137.49 @

Kensington Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest @ Caboodle (+12% cashback)
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Posted 25th Feb 2010Posted 25th Feb 2010
Kensington Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest @ Caboodle (+12% cashback)£5.29
Should point out it's £9.27 incl delivery, but one of the cheapest I've seen for a keyboard wrist rest. Also 12% cashback through TopCashback.
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Got mine in-store from Maplins. Don't know if its the same make as I chucked the packaging but does the job. I think it was about £8 but that was before Xmas & I've not been back there since. Worth a look if you want one & are passing.


I've got one of these in the office. The novelty wears off after about an hour, most of which you'll spend swinging it round your head. Nice finish on it, and could probably knock out a donkey if you catch him right.


Wouldn't trust the cashback on this one. I ordered £1400 of stuff through quidco from them and have so far received 12 PENCE cashback :D

Deflecto Chairmat £12.85 delivered @ Caboodle
18° Expired
Posted 17th Jan 2010Posted 17th Jan 2010
Deflecto Chairmat £12.85 delivered @ Caboodle£12.85
Deflecto Chairmat £8.87 before delivery. I just refitted my computer room, nice new carpet, and wanted something to protect it from my computer chair. Looked around and the cheap… Read more

I 'bugged you'?!?!?! I never suggested laminate for 'you'. I made the point that any carpet will be crushed and stated that the only way to prevent that was a hard floor/laminate. You can put what you want on your floor. I made my post to 'inform' not to have a go. Your 'rant' went way off the point stating that I 'might as well just say that to prevent any damage you will have to get rid of your chair' and that my 'post was pointless' and others 'votes are pointless'. I'm interested, on reflection, do you think your comments were fair/adult? If you think everything you post on here is just going to receive positive feedback and everyone will thank you for it then you're naive. It's an open forum and as such people will post their views whether or not it fits in with yours. As for your comment that you 'changed the price just for me', a Mod would have done it/requested it. £12.85 IS the price for it to be delivered. I was 'trying' to help others looking at the post in the main section. Your price, looking at the deal in the main section of the forum, was incorrect/misleading. I am NOT suggesting you were trying to mislead. I am simply stating that it was misleading. The deals you, me and everyone else posts aren't 'yours', 'mine', 'theirs'. We're all posting 'information'. We're all trying to inform others of what we see as a good deal. They might not agree. Fair enough. What's it to me if I got my TV at what I think is a great deal but others disagree? I'm happy. Don't be so protective/sensitive about deals you post. They're not 'your' deals you're just 'informing'/'sharing' info about those deals. I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't debate why its a good deal though. Debate is great for teasing out the facts and thus gives greater information. As for 'bugging you'... life's WAY too short to get 'bugged' about a simple, honest post man. For your information, I didn't vote either way.


No, still post as this is a good deal. Don't be put off by a pair of numpties


I'm sure that the one I got from Costco wasn't far off this price? A good price for this one though imo. I do think that to vote cold just because someone has bugged you is a little harsh, that is what this site is all about isn't it?? Finding good deals? Why is this deal expired? There are two left in stock?


You bugged me. Cold.


It's a start but the carpet is still gonna get 'crushed' in the main seating area if you spend a good deal of time on your PC. The only real way to get round the unsightly crush marks is to put down a solid floor or laminate. By the way, you have two prices listed. I think they should both be £12.85.

Canon Pixma MX850 Multifunction inc. fax 129.00 @ Caboodle
21° Expired
Posted 11th Dec 2009Posted 11th Dec 2009
Canon Pixma MX850 Multifunction inc. fax 129.00 @ Caboodle£129
Recently superseded by the mx860. I have both and have found very little difference in terms of functionality! Normal price for both is usually upwards of £179, but Caboodle have 9… Read more
SENTRY F3300 1 HR FIRE / WATERPROOF FILE - £86.25 free del + free gift @ Caboodle and  £9 quidco
Posted 1st Dec 2009Posted 1st Dec 2009
SENTRY F3300 1 HR FIRE / WATERPROOF FILE - £86.25 free del + free gift @ Caboodle and £9 quidco£86.25
Just had mine delivered - best price by about £40 if you take quidco into account. Just backed up all my computers onto sandisk USB sticks. I now have somewhere safe to store them… Read more
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It's the USB flash drives I am on about!


it is fireproof and waterproof, what is the first thing you would save from your home in the event of a flood or fire? answer photo's


cold? sure it is expensive, but scrimping on protecting your birth and marriage certificates and passports is not a good idea. if you ever decide to move overseas many countries only accept originals, so you could be seriously shafted if you lost them..


"Just backed up all my computers onto sandisk USB sticks" Not sure that is my idea of safe in itself, regardless of what you store them in! Hopefully it's not the ONLY backup!

Bubble Wrap - 750mm x 75metres - £15.65 delivered inc VAT use 12% quidco £13.78- (RRP-£44.91inc VAT) @ Caboodle
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Posted 11th Nov 2009Posted 11th Nov 2009
Bubble Wrap - 750mm x 75metres - £15.65 delivered inc VAT use 12% quidco £13.78- (RRP-£44.91inc VAT) @ Caboodle£13.78
I'm in the process of making my dining room a play room and was looking for some bubble wrap for my dining table and chairs. After searching on the net I came across this deal. Gre… Read more

Instore/ Pound stretcher. Usually have loads in stock at cheap prices too!


Check out B&Q for 4 plastic bins for the price of 4 for the price of 3 @ £3 each.


Can anyone recommend a good place to get plastic storage crates with lids, need 20 or so for a house move? Thanks


Just look in the yellow pages etc and go to a proper packaging supplier, we used to get 1.5 metre tall rolls for less than £10


yeah can see royal mail unravelling it all to get it through your letter box:-D