Cacti in Terracotta Pot £2.99 at LIDL / ALDI

Cacti in Terracotta Pot £2.99 at LIDL / ALDI

Found 11th May 2015
From 14/17th May…-1/

Choose from assorted varieties in terracotta pot
Height (cm): 10 - 28
Pot size Ø (cm): 10.5
Water regularly
Plant in shaded spot
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Water regularly? oO

Was under the impression that cactis don't need lots of water.
I was just about to type the same thing! I have about 6 mini ones from Ikea and I've had them for around 5 months now. We water ours once a month; and even then it's only a tiny amount - they appear to be fine!
1 = cactus
2 or more = cacti
Bought 1 of each last year, smaller one rotted very quickly (no idea why) taller version is now around a foot high and looking great

1 = cactus2 or more = cacti

Only if you prefer. Cactus and cactuses are also acceptable.
Treat as normal plant in summer lots of sun and lots of water.Kep dry in winter unless it looks like is shrivelling up then give bit of water.. More cactus are killed by over watering than by being dried out
These are very good value as you can sometimes get rarer (relatively speaking) plants. However, they are often mislabeled so you should research them afterwards, just in case.

Also, because of the soil in these & the clay pot it is really easy to overwater them. I guess it's about 2/3 months at least since I last gave mine a water and I'll probably only water once every two weeks in the hot weather. Only just get the soil damp and make sure they're not in standing water. Do not get water on the hairy ones if you can.

It should be noted that they can get severe sunburn too (ironic, I know) when under glass as they are used to having a breeze to cool them. Any sun scorching will be irreversible.

Good growing!
bit of a prickly deal
Haven't seen any advertised in Lidl, anyone got any links?
The Lidl ones are due this Thursday (14th) but the app isn't working for me to check the details. The website shows:

Hope that helps.
None in the one I visited today.

Water regularly? oOWas under the impression that cactis don't need lots … Water regularly? oOWas under the impression that cactis don't need lots of water.

They can take plenty of water late April -September but allow to dry out between waterings. These are good value plants, but many of them are wrongly labelled. Half the ones labelled Aloe are not. The Echinocactus Denudatum is actually Echinopsis denudatum. They could nearly all do with repotting into decent gritty compost, and make sure you don't put these out in the rain in the terracotta pot or it will fill up. It has no hole. (Aldi May 2016)
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