Cad Mini eggs - 27p at Co-operative food stores

Cad Mini eggs - 27p at Co-operative food stores

Found 12th May 2010Made hot 17th May 2010
probably the same at somerfield.

all remaining easter chocolate is reduced again where stocks remain
all the creme eggs areo eggs etc are down to around 12p as well wich may help those who don't have a home bargains nearby


cheaper in poundland pack of 10

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will have to check my local poundland, missed that deal

Yummy! There are 4 of these hidden in the bottom of my bread bin that cost me 23p each in Asda. I was waiting for the kids to finally finish all their Easter chocs before reminding them. If I ate a bag now, could I get one to replace it tomorrow before they found out? What if I ate them all now, went to Poundland tomorrow and ate 6 bags on the way home? Did I mention I like these?

Bought some of these today, they also have Cadbury Creme Eggs for 11p each.

We have many of these left in the co-operative I work in, but they have not been reduced as far as I can see. Then again, it is quite possibly the worst co-op of all time.

They aren't advertised as reduced in our co-op either, but they come up as 27p on the till and creme eggs as 12p.

This is a repost, but good anyway!

they are still full price in our local they never reduce anything in there they still have full price valantines stuff!!! and they are sick of me insisting they scan items to make sure after offers ive seen on here:x

they have been reduced to 27p (75% off) also in my local somerfield and the 3 pack of creme eggs are 35p and a single creme egg is 11p

just went to my co-op and made them scan them mini eggs £1.09 cream eggs masive stand 47p and no 3 packs told them other store had reduced them and he thought i had gone mad and was totaly amazed that any store would sell them for 27p!!!! told you my store was rubbish..

Just been into my local co-op and he said they all went to the staff last week

Co-op in Weston Super Mare had loads at 27p the other day, i bought 12 packs.


cheaper in poundland pack of 10

Not in my Poundland.

just in my local shop (happy [FONT="Arial Narrow"][size=1]easter[/size][/FONT] bunny :-D
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