Cadbury Biscuit Tin 400g - £3.49 (was £7.00, half price)

Cadbury Biscuit Tin 400g - £3.49 (was £7.00, half price)

LocalFound 29th Oct 2008
400g selection tin containing a great variety of biscuits covered in Cadbury milk chocolate.

Includes Toffee Flavour Cream Wafer, Raspberry Oat Crunch and Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunk

*some stores seem to be offering 100% extra tins at the moment!*
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I love these!!!!!!

Must resist, must resist, must....... oh sod it.

Ordered. :whistling:

And hot
Are they available online ?

I had no luck finding them on the website, not sure if I am going blind
Definitely had them in Tesco Silverburn.
It is online, its the first result for the search 'Biscuit Tin'.
seriously overpriced in the first place
overpriced in the first place but seriously gorgeous, these biscuits are really nice
agreed...only buy when half price
Went to buy these in my local store and the tins had 100% extra free!!!!! Yippee!!!!! So double the amount for half price.
Yum Yum thanks for this just got some, no im saving them for christmas
Good deal but look for the tins with 100% free as well, these still scan at £3.49.
Just bagged 5 tins at Chester centre store and left about 15 for other bargain hunters (above and behind the central end displays) had to ask the store assistant to get them down for me maybe they were keeping them for the staff.

[image missing]

Seems like an even better deal if you can bag the 100% free tins.
Thanks for the posts
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