Cadbury Bournville Old Jamaica 180g £1 @poundland

Cadbury Bournville Old Jamaica 180g £1 @poundland

Found 21st Jul 2011
Cadbury Bournville with raisins & rum

Tesco 180g £1.99
Sainsbury's 180g £1.99


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Ha Ha Flombard the old packets were much nicer! When they switched to the foil packs for freshness they really bummed out the design..such a shame! Thanks for posting that pic its nice to see it.
Edited by: "FoX5" 21st Jul 2011

Also regular Bournville as well

Still tastes just toooo good.

Bought this yesterday and really wish I'd never seen it. Bang goes the diet again. Yum

Can't say I've ever taken a walk up the Bournville boulevard

Had some last night, £1 on offer at Morrisons last week. Bad headache this morning though, I must have eaten too much! Loving the old style wrapper design above...happy days.
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