Cadbury Chocolate Biscuit Collection Tin 400G HALF PRICE £5 @ Tesco

Cadbury Chocolate Biscuit Collection Tin 400G HALF PRICE £5 @ Tesco

Found 17th Sep 2010
Suitable for vegetarians

Biscuit assortment with the nation's favourite chocolate.

An assortment of 10 varieties of delicious biscuits covered in thick Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate, presented in a limited edition biscuit tin.

Featuring Crunchy Delight, Chocolate Charm, Raspberry Rapture, Praline Flavour Cream Cup, Simply Shortcake, Orange Crunch, Ginger Flavour Crunch, Cadbury Classic, Golden Dream and Cadbury Chunk.
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This is not a good deal. Although it's a commemorative tin, last year the same biscuit collection retailed at £7.99. All the supermarkets have increased the RRP price by two pounds. Also last Christmastime If you luckily had an Aldi (or Lidl) the supermarket had the double tin for the £7.99 price, or the 400g tin was being sold at Morrisons for £3.99. These deals have been around for years, so voting cold.

Similarly the retailers this year have increased the RRP price for the McVities, Foxes and other tins by at least one to two pounds.
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surely cadburys will have increased the rrp?

Co-operative are currently doing the 300g carton with near identical selection for half-price at £2.50. You can also purchase all year round a 300g collection of Cadbury biscuits identical to the tin for £3.19 for 300g at Sainburys and other supermarkets. So technically 400g comes out at £4.26. Although you do get a lovely tin, perfect for storing home made biscuits, and cakes.

surely cadburys will have increased the rrp?

Possibly I don't know, but with the Supermarkets using companies to identify the prices of the goods sold at their competitors stores it is quite easy for them to collude and price fix. Thus you will find a number of items at local supermarkets have all identical prices. A trick i noticed with certain supermarkets is when they all increased their prices of their value range of goods (such as Bread, Eggs, and Butter) on the same week. Then advertise that they had the cheapest value items of all their competitors, technically they are not breaking any rules because the price is the lowest available.
I bought one at Waitrose last week £3.99
I bought one of these from Tesco and it's such a rip off! There are only 2 of each biscuit so 24 biscuits at the most. Very delicious though they were!!! Won't buy them again though.
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