Cadbury creme eggs instore at CoOp instore for 13p

Cadbury creme eggs instore at CoOp instore for 13p

LocalFound 8th Apr
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£13 you mean 13p each or £13 for all the stock in store, that would be sickening!


Will be checking in my Local Co-op Food.
£13 lol
I've never liked these, despite trying to. Inside is just too sweet, I think.

Good deal for those who love 'em!
£13 is more likely at my local Co-op. Reductions for food at sell by date at mine seem to be a 5p discount whereas a mate comes into work from his local Co-op with goods selling at 5p near sell by date.
Heat for the price but these taste awful since the sale IMHO.
Isn’t that a Waitrose shelf label?!
All my local co-ops have been changed into mccolls so won't be buying any but heat added!
Got mine from Superdrug for 10pence so cheaper than yours
Voted hot even though its probably just about what they are worth!
Which co-op, op?
not in hayes co-op
again which co-op like there will be any anywhere this is a proper easter egg hunt
@favaad1982 can you please add which Co-op store (location) you spotted this instore offer in to your opening post
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