Cadbury Fingers Star 360g £1.00 @ Morrisons
A quid for 360g doesn't seem too shabby.

Plenty of stock instore (Crewe), but Out of Stock online unfortunately.

Contains 4 varieties of finger:
- Milk Chocolate
- White Chocolate
- Milk & White Chocolate
- Salted Caramel Crunch

Who doesn't love a finger (or two!) at Christmas?


Double boxes £1.50 at asda.

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Double boxes £1.50 at asda.

Is that these ones? If so they're 224g (vs 360g) and just the one variety (vs 4). More expensive of course too!


I guess if you haven't got a Morrisons nearby or just want the one flavour then it's not too bad.

This is very cheap, but none in my local

Don't waste your time looking in any of the NE stores as per usual when they have an offer on at morris ons they have no stock. OOS online too

There were quite a few left in chorley morrisons today


Good luck finding any INSTORE!

Plenty in York

plenty hull anlaby

Around ten left in Dereham

fingers star oO

Ooohhhh. Want one. But no Mozzas near me. Gutted.

Also in B&M if you can't find them in Morrisons.

Blast! I was looking for these multipacks a few weeks back, even asked on here if they still existed. Heat given, but most annoying!

Plenty in my local

by chance went to morrisons (preston) saw them with no price so scanned at checkout and yep £1 so i got 6 and handy for a bloke next to me as i said to him any good to you for £1 he was well happy and grabbed the last 8 who was buying xmas presents for office staff and said he'd saved about £8~impressive stuff

None in worthing

None in either of the Peterborough stores.

Quite a few left in Newquay
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