Cadbury Roses - 2.2kg Tins - Reduced to Only £4.89 Instore @ Tesco

Cadbury Roses - 2.2kg Tins - Reduced to Only £4.89 Instore @ Tesco

Found 28th Dec 2008
Just picked up a few of these instore, bargain reduction from £9.99 (they were alongside the 1.2kg tins priced @ £4,00!)
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heat added
great deal my grumpy other half wont let me buy any though! what is the best before?
Please, no more sweety deals
Got two tins of quality street to munch through, couldn't find these in my local Tesco over the whole Christmas period.
Please don't make me go and buy 10 tins -_-
there was nothing left good in my store ! glad others have found some bargains x
I will have a haeart attack if i eat any more junk food.
Just picked up a few tins? Haven't you eaten enough?
Weren't they £4.89 before Christmas?

Weren't they £4.89 before Christmas?

Hot, but please i cant eat anymore chocs lol
Went over to a large Tesco this afternoon and they had absolutely no large tins of choccies which was quite a disappointment. The only festive stock they were trying to get rid of was a few thousand of their *Finest* christmas puds, these are the ones which are full of nuts and after having one before I can understand why they have so many left over.
bargain mine was dinted and paid only £3.89 it sometime pays to moan ...........
great find
yummy yummy for my tummy
I'm not gonna look for any in my local store... put on 5lb in the last week!!!
last year it was cheaper, i bought about 10 tins to give out, still hot deal and im going to get 10tins again lol
Quantity street!

Weren't they £4.89 before Christmas?

Yes they were as i got some, there was also a deal of any 2 for £9.99
None in stockport
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