Cadbury Roses 753g plastic tubs now £2.50 in Asda
Cadbury Roses 753g plastic tubs now £2.50 in Asda

Cadbury Roses 753g plastic tubs now £2.50 in Asda

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They had 100s of these stacked up by the store entrance in Stevenage.
Marked at £5 but when I price checked at the till they were £2.50 so just not labelled lower.
I know it's a store by store luck who has them but if you see them in your store they are not £5 if that's what it shows.
Also bought the Snowman and Snowdog for £2.50 that was still marked at £5 but this has already been posted.



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online when i just checked is still showing as £5 ??
Thats why i did not include online in my thread - as i mentioned instore was also still showing as £5 but (as shown on the receipt scan) it is going through as £2.50 instore


Repost. Cold

Still showing as £5.00 on the stack,but scans at £2,50

Hot! Around 10 boxes were left in Goole asda, took 3, showed 5 on tags but scanned as 2.50. NOTE: If some one of you giving a try and going for them, try to scan another sweets such as ferrero and lindt, because they might scan on half price as well.

i just picked up 2 boxes from a huge pallet in my local store in Hartlepool

Clevedon Asda just bought 2 tubs at £2.50 each

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So it looks like none of the stores actually marked them down to £2.50 on signage then by your replies ? I just thought my store was being it's usual lazy self ...

In Asda Harwich marked £2.50 and also a whole pallet of quality street tubs £2.50 as well.

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Marked £2.50 in sheffield they have loads of sweets 1/4 of the pre Christmas price :-)

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ah so it was my store being lazy after all haha

Taunton store had them foe £2.50

too much chocolate today oO
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£2.50 in Cornwall stores

Local ASDA (Inverness) were relabelling to £2.50 as I walked in

Still £5 online but looks like all stores

None in store in Chadderton Oldham of any sort
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